Wednesday, 16 February 2011

valentine's day

spent yesterday and today spring cleaning my room.

to people who thinks my four poster bed is dreamy, it accumulates dust like crazy!


eu jin dropped by starbucks to visit and we had a snack together at pastis.

crepe with strawberries, ice cream and whipped cream

thanks to eu jin's mum! :D


after i clocked off, kent and i had supper at beard papa's.

their vanilla cream puffs are to die for!!


valentine's wall at starbucks


啊哈哈哈~ 发光发热 ing

thanks kent!

my 21st birthday gift from kent-- pewter mug which is now housing my makeup xdd

plus home brewed herbal tea which i finished while cleaning my room.

all in all, nice couple of days.


there's this regular who always comes into starbucks wearing these super shades which reflects like a mirror and always disorients me.

he always orders an iced classic chocolate sans whipped cream, then he will bring his beverage to an alfresco table and remove his sunnies.

why? why does he wear sunnies indoors instead of out?

is he secretly checking the baristas out??

anyhoo at first i thought he's this guy from monash because they have the same skinny build, floppy black hair, alabaster skin and semi gaunt bone structure [read: druggie alert, me likey].

then i decided that he must be a celebrity because of the shades..

today angel called me out from back of house because Druggie was here xdd

i got all the baristas checking him out.. everybody was ooh-ing and aah-ing until he slid the sunnies off.


haha but he still looks cool to me.

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