Tuesday, 8 February 2011

when i should be out..

cny must-have-- abalone [mexican vs australian]
this year eugene bought 2 tins of them back, we're all growing up so fast!
wild flowers
saw these as i was ambling around sri gading, taking my daily walk.
[about a month ago i was startled awake by my heart which was thudding so fast i thought i was having a heart attack. so now i try to walk daily.]

back to the flowers.. tao taught me to pick them and lick the honey when i was little.. have forgotten how to do it haha those were the days..

yummy pineapple tarts from taiwan
met with mum's friends.. a taiwanese buddy brought these and some fresh dates.. quite surprised that dates actually resemble green apples and taste crisp and tangy. yum yum!
was reminded me of the time when my friend went to taiwan and bought me my fave chocolates aka the most fantastic chocolates ever!

when he called and told me he left something hanging on my gate.. and i returned home and saw the chocolates.. felt strangely moved. i think it was the first time somebody gave me a favorite something as a surprise gift.

haha we spend a lot more time on our phones and less time talking, but she's still dog-woof-woof!

when we were about 9 and 10 we were inseparable and there were a lot of tears whenever i had to return to kl. we wrote letters and talked late into the night and excluded tao from our little clique as she was always snitching on us!

anyway our aunties couldn't stand us not playing with tao [because she always made reports when we were up to no good] so they nicknamed us dog-woof-woof and woof-woof-dog.

now eunice is dishing out tips on how to 'attract' love into my life.. haha it involves rose petals, bottles, water etc. am so over my head right now

my FAVE!!
isn't he just darling? my newest cousin zack.. he's less than a year old so still in the crawling stages.
i haven't seen such a small baby in years! and such an agreeable one too.. i totally monopolized him.

this baby is just so happy and outgoing, unlike some annoying weepy ones with a penchant for theatrics.
such a handsome boy!
  fann and the fat elf
eunice has a polaroid camera.. we took this at pek gong's birthday dinner.. fann described me as a 'fat elf'.. louis gained 3kg throughout cny, i think it's 5 for me xd

a bit ashamed of myself for wearing pjs to a formal dinner but we extended our stay by 2 days and i was desperate!
awesome cny! even if i did od on secret garden

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