Friday, 4 March 2011

coffee bean

red velvet cake, vanilla cream, double hot chocolate

after brunch with s, i drove home where jia wen was already waiting to whisk me off to high school.

been craving for the chee cheong fun outside high school lately.. but it was closed as it was a school holiday :(

reminisced about high school days when jia wen and i would walk to the chee cheong fun stall after school. i was a messy eater and would somehow always spraying gravy all over jia wen's pinafore-- poor girl haha. she really is a good and generous person!! plus she looks like a vampire-- tall and skinny and bloodlessly pale like paper. dark dead straight hair and black brows and onyx eyes fringed with lush black lashes. very snow-white-meets-bella. *girl crush alert*


after checking out the new meat heh heh i really like them young and fresh, i ko-ed in the classroom. been falling asleep in public a lot recently!

slept until 5pm, when we decided to have dinner at korean village.

jia wen has a lot more time for us now that her bf has left for australia. i feel sorry for her-- ldr's are never easy-- but i'm also pleased she has time to play with us. part of growing up i suppose, focusing more on serious relationships and less on old buddies.

after a yummy korean bbq dinner with spicy kimchi soup, we continued to coffee bean. i don't know how i did it but i ate some more red velvet cake. my colleague wen qi was shocked by how much i eat. =.=

when yunn asked me to describe red velvet.. i was at a loss for words. to me it tastes like vanilla. how does one articulate red velvet flavor anyway?

i didn't like the taste of the adorable red topping or the sugared ginger.. but the cake was yummy and the hot chocolate utterly delicious! am being a total starbucks traitor but it was that fantastic.

ps. i heard that hot lids (to cover hot to-go beverages) are very poisonous, so try to avoid using them neh!

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