Sunday, 20 March 2011

current, future

just had a lazy sunday-- woke at 7.30am from the sunlight filtering in through the drawn curtains.

was too excited to sleep last night and ended up watching a bit of queen and princess hours until 2am.. by then i was too sleepy to be bothered to close the curtains.

and the reason for my insomnia is...

i received my full offer from university of sydney, which is only, like my dream university!!

being label-obsessed, a university with history and impressive ranking like sydney university is a life goal! plus the location and weather is much, much favorable than melbourne!

discussed it with parents this morning and dad has given me the go-ahead to accept the offer but i've decided to wait until mid-april as dad's health isn't as good as it should be and the australian dollar is way too strong now. (can almost hear aunt penny going, 'there she goes again, worrying about money!')

if i can manage, i hope to be able to earn my own living expenses. haha i never wanted to before.. guess i am aging. after finishing uni i haven't asked my parents for money. it would be shameful to do so, seeing as i'm rent-free at the moment. a lot of people still thinks i get an allowance or easy loans from my parents.. i wish!

i don't have enough money to build a corporate wardrobe, and everybody thinks i can just waltz up to my parents and ask for help.. i suppose i could, but it wouldn't be right. 

sometimes when i help dad run errands such as buying a $3 snack with a $50 bill, i'll say, '$47 tip!' and he'll be like, 'sure, take it! do you have enough money?' which makes me feel guilty and childish.

anyway i was gonna go have some fun abroad but now my mentality is different. i don't want to waste all my parents' money then come back, stay at home and slave at a $1 500/month job. my life should be better! so should my parents'! maybe one day i'll be making enough to bring dad to the peninsula hotel without him fretting about my finances :)

here's to a better future!

my current work desk

am getting fat from the snacking i do to stay awake while doing boring paperwork!

my failed outfit

being zany/quirky/weird/just plain crazy/bold-because-my-parents-will-offer-me-a-job, i wore my new havaianas at work 24/7 on the first day. it's not like i'm doing anything more glamorous than filing shit and answering phones.

managers weren't impressed. apparently my pants were too shiny and my heels too trendy as well. i have promised to buy conservative clothes, the most boring pair of black heeled pumps i can find, smother my face in makeup, change my earrings etc. :( how am i supposed to overhaul my wardrobe for rm 1 500/month?!

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