Thursday, 3 March 2011

food & friendship

friend from hk is flying in in a few days and my mum is appalled by my aversion to girlie sleepovers.

i don't do much pillow talk, usually i'm out before my head even touches the pillow.

plus i'm uncomfortable with revealing stuff about myself (guess who trained me up that way?)

so i ended up trembling in the meeting room today and scrolling through my contacts to find a person to text.. so pitiful eww

still i love going out and meeting people :)

last saturday, after the drinking session which ended at 5am.. i was awakened at 8am by a haunting singing so freaking loud i lost all intention to continue sleeping. the ridiculously hard bed helped too-- felt as though i was a girl scout again and forced to sleep on desks.

met s, my ex house mate, for brunch at bangsar. i know some people say bangsar has lost some of it's exclusivity and upper-crust-ness but i still love the artistic feel of everything there.

we ate overpriced non-delicious food at a random, beautiful cafe with plush armchairs. i felt like i should say something k-dramatic like, 'stay away from him!' because female face-downs in k-dramas always seem to occur at these lovely cafes. i dissipated the magic by actually eating my food-- nobody eats during these confrontations!

s is really skinny, it's not even funny.

there were a few moments of silence.. after 2 months at starbucks i still get tongue tied! ish!

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kent said...

can just text me, if u dun mind abt the $.