Tuesday, 8 March 2011


cream of corn, iced lemon tea, menu

last friday i had a good day.

it started with having a day off because i needed to go to subang to attend an education fair.

i spent the morning chilling at starbucks before lunch at the-place-only-i-love-- full house!

i had the mushroom & ham cream pasta set, which i ended up barely touching because i had a wee bit of gastric.

it tasted sweet, somehow, like the chefs put rock sugar in the sauce or something.

still, full house's vibe and service on off-peak hours more than make up for it.

the waitress even inquired if there was anything wrong with the food when i called for the bill (because the food was virtually all still there).

rm50 for 2

after applying to 2 universities i dropped by Aldo and saw that they were having Buy-1-Free-1 specials on their sunnies.

i selected a pair of rm90 aviators and was torn between choosing another rm90 sunnies as my free pair or picking the above sunglasses, which i loved.

so stupid lah their system! in hk they just add the prices up then divide by 2. the rm90s are all styles i'd worn before so i picked this rm50 one.

i am number six

my obsession with aviators stemmed from watching the incredibly cool Number Six from I Am Number Four.

honestly the love interest is way too breathy for me. when you hear her speak, you just wanna slap her sharp and ask her to just roll over and die. everybody was nuts about Number Six and nobody can tahan the weird lover!!

i liked I Am Number Four despite its lack of fantastic-ness because
1. the bad guys are really scary to me
2. the good guys kept winning at the end. i like :)
3. the buff lead sort of grows on you
4. the last movie i watched was the green hornet 
5. Number Six!!!

this is not just any bazaar.. 

this is the bazaar outside Jay's The Era concert stadium!!
i'd been to a few concerts but this is definitely the most large-scale, it's practically like a mini night market!!
there were stalls selling everything from memorabilia to credit cards..

i was whining to fann about how deeply i hated everybody who got tickets to see this concert in the car on the way home from subang when Yen called, saying she just got her hands on 4 tickets and had a spare one.

it costed rm233 = half of last month's salary = my bank account has been emptied but it was worth every cent!!

the my.fm cars were there and we dropped by to grab some freebies before the concert began. food and drinks aren't allowed within the arena, so i had to chuck some away :(

i was surprised by how punctual it was, plus jay opened his own concert instead of having guests do it for him.

view from rm233 seats

the concerts were sold-out, even the bloody rm700+ VIP ones where fans got to shake Jay's hand!!
my friend from HK says the most expensive tickets in HK only costs HK$800 = rm400!!

this man is a serious gold-sucker!!

i used to be crazy about him in form 2-- i bought posters, original CDs, pirated waller-sized laminated photos to keep in my purse and talked about him constantly.

then he had to up and become wildly successful and subsequently evolved into a womanizer.
i wasn't a huge fan of his newest album and i didn't even bother watching his (now-axed) variety show.

but his meteoric rise-- from office boy to the becoming the King of Pop in Asia, working for himself and indulging in assorted sports cars-- has always fascinated me.

his concert style boasts various themed outfit changes and backup dancers, usually with a heavy hand of glitter thrown in. the entire show was humorous and can only be described as 琳琅满目, maximum love!

what else can you expect from a 33-year-old who sings 'if u wanna drink milk/ i'm too busy to milk the cow/ so you can go milk the cow yourself/ but don't really go milk the cow'. Yen and i just stared at each other and burst into laughter.

 .. but when a video with personal messages from Jay was displayed with select bits of his previous work spanning from the past decade, my friends (both male and female) teared up. and Lee Yee didn't cry because she couldn't read chinese. i didn't cry because i'm cool like that but i had goosebumps all through the concert.

lara in Snake Dance

Lara was one of his guest performer, along with some other people under his label-- Cindy and Wave Brothers.

actually Cindy sings better than Jay but he still remains the coolest. the various 3d effects were fabulous!

especially awesome when he requested the security not to block his fans so they could crowd around the stage haha. his style tends to be very smug and self-satisfied but he's so talented he gets away with murder.

hawaii chicken, sakae

after a couple of encores, we dragged our feet out of the stadium and to sakae for supper.

as you can detect from my choice of food, i totally threw caution to the wind and tucked into a Hawaii Chicken chop happily, still buzzing from Jay's performance. it was yummy (or maybe i was just high).

summary of a great day!

if only every day were as amazing!

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