Saturday, 5 March 2011

photo post

elizabeth arden green tea

when i was at monash i got to know a gorgeous japanese girl *girl crush!!*
she was beautiful in a sino-filipino way and had an amazing figure and to-die-for hair.
plus she always smells very fresh.
so when she told me her fave scent is elizabeth green tea, and i saw a set on sale at lcct, i bought it without hesitation.

now it's the second bottle of perfume i'd sucked dry.
the first being nina ricci's nina.

m.a.c. wonder woman collection road show, mid valley

the camera settings weren't suitable but the actual set was spectacular.
i love the packaging but i don't need any new makeup so i didn't buy anything.

shahid & i after my interview at boulevard hotel

can i say.. all the baristas are huge flirts!!
when they first start working they are all sweet and quiet..


this male barista is even hitting on our male supervisor!!!

严重的男女通杀 barista amin!!

but honestly i think shahid poisoned the shy young things!!

had a couple of successful interviews finally :)
won't talk about it until 100% confirmed because i'm superstitious and i don't wanna jinx it!

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