Sunday, 13 March 2011


confession-- all i can think about nowadays is my lack of career.
next tue i'll be starting at boulevard hotel as sales coordinator.
take one day at a time.

life has been ok, fun even, but i feel uneasy without a real job.

whit & pret at mdm kwan's, pavilion 

pretty visited me on a weekend break.
she was having some men issues and whit wanted to shop so they just hopped on a plane and came.
what can i say.. when it's people you care about that are doing things which go against your moral values..
i'm glad i've been crazy about another person before, that makes it easier to relate to other people, from the angry classmate who tore my textbooks.. to my girlfriend who is still unable to draw a line between the ex.. or the other one who is holding on to the boyfriend who has outgrown her..
maybe at this stage in life everything will be a bit topsy-turvy.

i hate mdm kwan's but i didn't know where else to bring them so ~!@#$%^&*!!!
mdm kwan was celebrating her birthday there but she didn't think of sharing her humongous cake with her customers. freaking kiam siap!!
what i beh tahan most in the world is kiam siap ness, especially in guys!!

assam laksa, mdm kwan's pavilion

sigh. fucking earthquake rocking home.
am afraid ahma will have a nervous breakdown. or fann. or me.

what can i say.. my mother and the chinese majority believes that the act of giving birth itself enshrines the mother, so that she must forever be respected, even if she dumps the baby in a dumpster.

i say (in starbucks speak) 'fuck you' to that.
you are what you act like.

i'm not saying my mum is bad, although i can confirm she's not model mum.
yes, you may think i'm an ungrateful bitch (yes, i'm going to hk again against my wishes) but if i can give up my lv for more peace and quiet i'll gladly do so.
heck, i'll even sacrifice my most beloved possession-- my chanel purse.
i'll give anybody both. maybe throw in my virginity too. if you can stop this torture.

very heartbreaking to see fann clutching his head in helpless anguish.
reminded me of last week when i was collapsed on the floor around midnight after a bout of violent vomiting from food poisoning.
mum was standing over me and ranting about the state of my room, which was admittedly a hell hole as i got home late and had unpacked my shopping to admire one last time before i went to bed.
so i can understand how he felt.
that's our autopilot pose when mum-rants come.
usually with head on knees.
my colleagues found the kena-fucked-by-mum-while-puking shit very amusing =.=
tiada kasih sayang pun

well am an adult now.
after a fine whine.. i chose to stay home still because i'm broke.
maybe one day i'll be gutsy enough to live on my own money.
for now my prayers are no longer with japan. praying for my bro.

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