Friday, 29 April 2011

what's in your bag?

inspired by my dear cousin's cute share.. i decided that i wanted to do a bag post too!

because i always love snooping through people's bags (incurably 38!) and because it makes me feel like a famous blogger/star (so fantasy ar~ wanna become mrs g-dragon already) XDD

nope these are NOT rubbish. they are My Bags!

after this post i realized that all my stuff can fit into 1 bag but i'm so used to lugging 2 around to spread the weight. to all the people who thinks this is 'auntie':- you take ktm twice daily, see you take 3 bags or not!

currently using my pink leopard-print Kipling slouchy sling bag. i use a lot of Kipling. my favorite bag is actually my dad's structured LV sling bag but mum has banned me from torturing it on the ktm every day. plus it's quite heavy lah.

contents of my green Body Shop recycle bag

1. lightweight mini umbrella from HK. (bags, umbrellas, water bottles.. a few of mum's fave items to buy. in HK. why??)
2. chupa chup vanilla chocolate lollipop (bought on a whim from Jusco just now)
3. the mayor of casterbridge (my current read. i like it but i keep getting the feeling i'd read it before)
4. iPhone 4 charger (i bring it everywhere)
5. i usually bring a Sigg water bottle as well, as i'm a water bucket

inside my 'real' bag

1. keys with starbucks key chain-- gift from sf a couple of years back
2. Kose Cosmenience Happy Bath Day Precious Rose Enrich Hand Cream-- the secret to soft hands. bought it from HK last December. smells a tad artificial though.
3. Avene Thermal Spring Water spray-- i don't have dry skin but this serves as a wake-me-up during the 3pm lull on workdays. also useful after i nap in full makeup as a substitute for a splash of cold water on my face.
4. pouch that came free with an issue of vogue china, bought when i was in Qingdao last year
5. free packet of tissue i got in HK last year
6. my employee swipe card
7. my touch & go card
8. receipts to be cleared
9. my beloved Chanel Classic purse

the most precious item i own

1. i have every single member card under the sun.

am turning into my mum, haru haru!

2. a photo of me & Eunice, taken this CNY

3. Hansaplast, because i'm a girl scout

in the Vogue pouch

it's falling apart but i still love it as it's uber lightweight and has 3 compartments! i heart compartments!

1. an old fashioned lippie case with mirror that mum gave me
2. m.a.c. lipstick in russian red. every time i apply it, i think, wow i'm wearing red lipstick!
i don't know why, but i think it every. single. time.
3. m.a.c. lip conditioner. i'd already admitted to being a m.a.c. whore. in air-conditioned places i remove my lip balm and lippie from the pouch and put them in my pocket so my body heat warms them and keeps them soft enough to apply easily. smart leh~
4. Systane lubricating eye drops. supposed to change them once a month. supposed to are the operative words.
5. pen from Arenaa De Luxe Hotel
6. eyebrow scissors which i use exclusively to snip open packets of snacks *guilty*
6. iPhone 4 earphones. essential for surviving ktm trips. i plug into kpop and close my eyes and pretend i'm a skinny, post-plastic-surgery girl on a cramped subway in Seoul and i may bump into GD.. or something equally fantastically ridiculous.

laugh la, you take ktm as much as i do, you might even start fantasizing about GD (pre extreme diet, braces and stylish makeup)!


jump tone:- anybody Facebook friends with your boyfriend's/ex boyfriend's mother?

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

shogun (sounds cool!)

seriously! recently i have been a-go-go-a-go-go-ing and now whenever i have a spare second i nap.

last saturday-- worked at dad's 8am-1pm. went home, surfed net.

5.30pm:- got ready to go out. shampoo, makeup, dress, the whole lot.

my friend was having dinner with his manager and colleague. it was a +1 event and he had nobody to bring. so he called and bribed me with a free buffet dinner. haha!

i told yang about this and he was like, is he into you?! but hell, no! if i can describe my role in bu's life, it would be calm. yang agreed that being with me is comfortable. i dislike unnecessary emo drama. but guys like exciting girls! argh but now i hardly have enough power in me to stay awake for long stretches of time, no energy to run around stirring up drama.

bu's manager is Cute! exactly my veggie!

small twinkly eyes, straight teeth, like-able grin! a bit buff for my liking but still considered hot. his wife is pretty and gentle, skinnier than me even after two kids omo!!

the colleague's girlfriend was incredibly sweet-looking as well, kinda reminiscent of the most stunning girl i'd ever seen in my life. both are so soft-spoken i think my loud laughs shocked them a bit. 

food was so-so, probably because i was expecting disaster after reading a few reviews online.

plus i wasn't paying lalala

selection was ok, taste was average, but what irked me was how they let the food get cold then relight the fire under the buffet tray. wth?! but it was the only restaurant we could get a table on saturday morning.

bu has a lot of blue-collar-ish stories. every time i talk to him (or the brothers) i'm convinced my future husband is going to go whoring under the guise of entertaining clients every night.

so my dating days shall be postponed. again. and no, to people who have no inkling of kpop, g-dragon is not my poser real-life boyfriend heh.

i mean, can you really see me dating some flamboyant dude named G Dragon in real life? the bread-baking me? haha but yeah super kick from the misunderstanding ;p

Saturday, 23 April 2011



大家又改变了-- fish 将长发 chop 掉了;傻烽与 jj 开店了;boy 与阳也开始考虑工作的东西了。







‘你的声音很好听。。’ 接着大家一起怂恿我整容--







‘你是女生,不必想太多,做你爱做的,嫁个好人家就 ok 了’ 






因为我去了 ibm,觉得 finance 不适合我。

要我每天 10-12 小时坐在电脑钱用 excel analyze data。。我怕我会想不开从 ibm plaza 跳下去!



citibank 录取我时,他的笑容越来越容易得到了。

现在他像小朋友,每天问我,ibm 来电了吗?

我不干 finance/accounting,学历也是浪费了。

但在 ibm interview 时,我真的有本事在他开始说些 data 的东西时钓鱼!!

interview 都觉得无聊了,怎么做?! (讲到好像人家要收我酱)。




(他们真的熊熊大火地在 fantasize 着!)


必须乖乖生宝宝-- 我这生最不想干的事。

第 2 意见-- ‘做部落客!’




(想象他们燃烧 ing。他们很爱七嘴八舌说一堆 :))

因为我也很享受写有的没的,所以最近开始投稿 (其实只投了 2 个)。

有 1 篇被 jusco 的杂志 pearl 接受了。

虽然不算厉害 (我投 pearl 是因为受不了在那专栏刊登的垃圾! 像小学生的作文!) 但还是很开心,因为酱就有 rm300 的 jusco vouchers。

这 rm300 对现在斤斤计较的我,真的很感动。

或许以后会尝试写关于我买的东西 (因为我的妈,我真的很爱购物! 而且在写日记时,可以再次 re-live 那种喜悦的过程!)

我想干嘛? 我现在希望能继续过现在充实的生活。。好啦,其实我想休息。我应该有 1 个月没睡到自然醒了吧!


这是 21 岁半的、不想生孩子而不期待嫁入豪门的、不相信男人的我,现在的梦想。


我也想变成 mrs g dragon,但那好像有点。。太 ambitious 了 呵呵

这是在 ibm interview 后,与弟等待 jam over,在车上睡觉前拍的。


Thursday, 21 April 2011


from now on it will be 2 english posts to 1 chinese post.

because i love rules.

am ocd like that.

i hate rules pertaining gorgeous shoes!


when i was a little girl, i fantasized about being The Girl-- the one who wears spiky heels ala Sexy Secretary. (we have a SS in our office! every time i see her in those tight grey suits i get an internal nose bleed. she's the only one in higher heels than me! plus she actually wears them, unlike me who slips my heels on only when i have to leave the office and pad around in havaianas the rest of the time XDD)

yesterday during an entertaining lunch, this sweet girl from CIMB breathed, 'wow, your shoes are so high! how can you walk in them?'

muahaha wakaka i am officially The Girl!!!!!!!!!

dreams come true!

g dragon!!!!!!!!!! oppaaa~

ok now dad has given the go-ahead to swipe his card for my university of sydney.. i am ashamed to say i almost got cold feet.

while preparing the numbers to brace dad for how much he'll have to fork out soon, i actually felt nauseous. so freaking expensive! at least i'll be doing something i enjoy. have sent in an inquiry to swap one of my masters to an arts one.

must keep end goal in mind!!

even if ibm has called to say i passed the test.(sure boh?!) wow i would feel highly intelligent if they had called within a week. now i feel like an afterthought. i really am getting more and more melodramatic. slap me please. just be grateful they called!!

Monday, 18 April 2011

dragon lady

haha i have met the new love of my life-- g dragon!

how is it possible not to love somebody who dresses so paradoxically? (fur with badges stuck all over vs sharp suit with.. chunky sparkly necklaces?)

the funny thing is my bestie in china introduced me to g dragon when he released his debut a few years ago but he was too gay for my taste back then. however, it always takes me a few years to fall crazy in love with whoever she recommended to me (u-know, jang woo hyuk.. and now g dragon!)


had the most exhausting week!

yesterday was so intense.. i worked at hotel from 9am-1pm. had lunch, changed into my 'cute uniform' and went to starbucks for a shift from 2pm-10pm.

i thought i could do it but i was so drained by 6pm i requested for my break. (by then i was already in a stupor and had poured not one, but two drinks down the sink after making them because i was already in a semi-coma and somehow mistook the sink for a very big cup).

no more over-ambitious zeal next week! i need my rest! am hoping to go down to jb to visit my ex patrol members from my hk patrol! i haven't seen them since january and they are quite sweet (albeit very naughty!)


another thing i need to get off my chest is.. i'm not getting along with my colleagues. which is bad.

i always, always get along with people (unless when i'm pms-ing). but i can't grasp their time management principles. case in point-- last friday my senior told me he was gonna teach me how to do a report.

at 5.30pm (my off time) he began to teach me. i didn't really mind staying late (but i hate it when my colleagues ask, 'why do you always go home on time?'. duh. how about 'because i have finished my work?'. or 'because i actually have a life?' sometimes they stay back just for the sake of staying back.. maybe it's relationship-building, but for the past week i had 3 group dates after work and there is much to do on the other 2).

back to the story-- for every 1 minute he spent teaching me, he spent 2 minutes away from me, giggling about bras and sex with other colleagues (i mean, grow up la!). fine, i already had some tension lingering with him (grr) so i decided to let this slip.

there were 2 reports to complete and i finished one, let him check it, then switched off my computer and returned all files to respective places. only after i picked up my bag to leave did he go, 'where's the other report?' i told him i'll do it tomorrow and it was then that he told me the report was actually due on friday.

wtf!!!!!!!!!! i am sorry to say my face blackened and i snapped, 'then why didn't you say so?'

the entire office paused in silence to watch us and i must come off as spoiled but i was so pissed!

my senior was mad and replied, 'if it was due tomorrow i would've taught you on thursday!' which made me think wtf?!!!!!!!!! AGAIN.

so their philosophy is to leave everything until the last freaking minute?! if i were a senior, i would definitely not teach my junior how to do a report on the day that it is due after 5.30pm. if i absolutely had to, i would at least extend some courtesy as to inform the junior beforehand that he/she would have to OT on which day. and i will actually teach when i'm supposed to, instead of attempting to show off about my bra-unhooking skills.


my friend thinks i'm overreacting, which i might be. maybe all working people get last minute crap thrust upon them all the time. i wouldn't be so annoyed if it's a client, but this.. seriously!

[deep breath] shan't be angry, later my zits will never heal. just keep my eyes open to the world outside.

and to--

his face is so tiny and sharp and his makeup artist is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

totally my veggie-- small eyes and alabaster skin and drug addict gauntness!! (very talented too!)

Wednesday, 13 April 2011



最近放 2 天假 :) 由於上网找不到想看的连续剧,於是只好看书休闲。


这本希腊神话还挺有趣的,学了一些奇奇怪怪的知识-- cupid 的妻子是 psyche,也是灵魂的意思。所以每次‘爱’离不开‘灵魂’是有理由的!

T forty two, Bangsar village

拜日还与姐妹们 [应该是‘妹妹们’吧,我最大耶] 去有情调的 bangsar 来个 girls day out!

我们走遍了 bangsar village,最后打算在 t forty two 喝优雅的下午茶。


好笑的是,我们 3 个女人出去,一个是我前男友的妹、另一个是前男友的现任女友。。但由於大家一起长大所以不尴尬。[加上虽然说是前男友,但交往时间不长,只是那种 16 岁恋情罢了!]

臭妹妹们还一直取笑我‘幻灭’,因为女生聚在一起就爱投诉男友,而我常觉得阳性格不错啦,所以会被误解为还喜欢他 [天啊,快认识 10 年了! 不可能喜欢这么久吧! 大家饶了我吧]


哈哈 自己觉得自己照得很美啦~


paris brest, rm16.90++

penny 点的。。类似 pastry 奶油三明治吧,奶油有些咖啡味。

好吃! 陶你回来我带你一起去吃!


rose macaroon with raspberries and lychee cream, rm16.90++

光是看到颜色与形容,我就要定这甜品了! 简直是将我爱的东西都聚在一起! 尤其是自从从澳洲回来就很少吃的 raspberry!

回来看收据才发现价格与在 pastry case 的不同。那里好像只标 rm 10++

这 macaroon 偏甜,但我喜欢味道较强烈的食物,所以正合我胃口。妹吃一口,都不吃了。哇唠耶,想到那酸甜的 raspberry 配甜甜的 macaroon 与香滑的荔枝奶油。。我快死了!!

这是放 caffe latte 的方糖。每次看到方糖都觉得很复古。。毕竟我是看英国作家 enid blyton 的书长大的。

gorgeous geisha

我点了草莓绿茶-- 精致的一套茶壶、tea strainer、美翻了的茶杯。。配一小 jug 蜜糖喝,真是超级无敌霹雳好喝!! must try!!

桔色的茶壶。我恨不得快出嫁,然后拿老公的钱买一堆酱讨喜的小东西在家做贤妻 [其实是买来约姐妹喝优雅下午茶用的]


今天稍微开始注意饮食,因为皮肤开始反抗了。我好像从 14 岁就没现在酱多痘了!


喝完下午茶,我们马上出去寻找晚餐。绕了 bangsar 一圈,决定在 la bodega 吃,因为听过 lin 的好评。

上面的相片不是几陀屎,而是 tapas! 蒜头辣椒虾,还挺美味的!

但不懂是我吃过 sage 的完美面包还是它的面包真的很烂,我嫌弃 la bodega 的面包太冷,而且没那种新鲜的口感。

好了,最后一张相片,因为过后我就开始大块朵儿了 [虽然也没什么大块的啦,份量实在小! 我这大胃王怎么可能会饱?!]


希望她们别虐待男友,也别被男友虐待! 大家开心过日子! yeah!

干又写日记写到半夜! 昨晚去邻居 ray 的生日派对已迟睡了。。难怪皮肤抗议!!

Sunday, 10 April 2011


finally! i graduated!

one thing that surprised me about working life was how it wasn't quite as horrifying as i'd expected.

and now that i'm working 2 jobs, i thought i would be exhausted, but the hours i clock at starbucks no longer feel like work since i have an 'official' job.

isn't it odd?

when i worked at starbucks only, rest was staying in and surfing the net or going out with friends.

now, however, working at starbucks is a new form of rest for me. perhaps it's due to the fact that my starbucks colleagues are crossing the line into being friends.


dad asked me how i find work. i told him that even if i were the wealthiest woman alive on earth, i would still get a job.

it gives us something useful to do with all the time we have. and without work there can never be play. if all your free time is play time, then 'play' kinda loses its allure.

a bit philosophical lately. perhaps due to the fact i'm starting to read real books (as opposed to just vivi and the likes)

Saturday, 9 April 2011




或许是最近 IBM 突然来了电话,phone interview 后邀请我上网申请当 junior financial analyst。

昨天也听说在 IBM 工作的人都不能干久,太辛苦了吧!

但比起 citibank,我更期待这份工作,因为它虽然是 desk job,但也有机会与不同国家的 managers 合作。

昨天在 cousin dinner 时,我还表示可以学 budgeting 与 forecasting 好像还挺有趣的,结果我的 cousins 同时大喊 that sounds FUN?! 哈哈我还真是工作狂。







本来想算了,但那猪头不知悔改,回到办公室还要求我们开小会议,批评我们的 presentation 技术,还说我们 present 得太小声。


我另一个 senior 没去那个会议,所以不懂我在讲那猪头,於是便开始说,‘对! 就是有这些没礼貌的人!’ 类似酱的话骂了一下。

哈哈 笑死我了! 因为猪头与 senior 平时是好朋友,我看猪头间接被自己的好友批评到连猪头都不如,[猪头] 开始有点不舒服了。但老娘再次回复在澳门 心广神怡的心态。

酱得罪有一年工作经验的猪头或许是 career suicide,但不骂这种猪我一定会生闷气,冒痘痘。我辛苦了 3 年念大学,花了父母这么多钱,不是为了出来让你这种没大没小的 disrespect 与 patronize 我。况且老娘在大学什么都不高分,就是 presentation 替我加分的。


哈哈跳 tone 吧,看看令人心广神怡的澳门景色-- jang jang


用 iPhone 边走边拍所以不怎么样,但真实很迷人,与青岛的轻松感觉差不多 :) 非常喜欢,想再去一趟,参观所有的教堂与面海的地方。

这张用 vignetting 效果,好像比较不错!

自从 17 岁看了 后,便非常向往澳门。去年去的时候有点失望,因为好像只有赌场。今年才懂要去这种古色古香的地方,不能靠免费巴士! 因为免费巴士都只把你载到赌场 哈哈。必须搭当地的公车,类似 van 的,很可爱。

在 宫 好像有类似的建筑

有人在拍婚纱照! 我一向来打算不拍的,但现在觉得去澳门拍也不错! 哈哈

优雅的 Sunday stroll 最佳地点

最后送上一张狼狈的我的相片。笑了一万年,我妈还是照不出相片! 但重点其实是后面大拍长龙! 为的就是买饼干! 想吃吗? paiseh 我没去逛这家。。哈哈! 忙着认识新朋友 woohoo!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

when i see handsome uncles..

this did not happen in hk.

this did not happen with my mother's friends.

the more i explain the worse it gets.

one day i walked into a restaurant and saw a very dashing uncle.

he has the type of eyes i like-- twinkly and single-lidded, he was thin, he has fairly straight teeth and he was wearing a suit. [like] plus he still has his hair. yes the hair's all gray like my dad's, they're probably around the same age, but at least they're still on his head!

uncle asked me, 'what's your name?'

i looked at uncle. and blushed. and stuttered, 'my surname is min and my name is lim.'

seriously what the hell see handsome old man can forget my own name argh i'm a pig!!

uncle was a bit confused so i hurriedly explained, 'no.. oops, sorry! what i meant was, my surname is min..'

oh my god i repeated the exact same blunder i wanna crawl under a rock and die!

third time's a charm and i managed to get my name out correctly. phew~

sigh how can i do great things when i can forget my name so easily!!