Monday, 18 April 2011

dragon lady

haha i have met the new love of my life-- g dragon!

how is it possible not to love somebody who dresses so paradoxically? (fur with badges stuck all over vs sharp suit with.. chunky sparkly necklaces?)

the funny thing is my bestie in china introduced me to g dragon when he released his debut a few years ago but he was too gay for my taste back then. however, it always takes me a few years to fall crazy in love with whoever she recommended to me (u-know, jang woo hyuk.. and now g dragon!)


had the most exhausting week!

yesterday was so intense.. i worked at hotel from 9am-1pm. had lunch, changed into my 'cute uniform' and went to starbucks for a shift from 2pm-10pm.

i thought i could do it but i was so drained by 6pm i requested for my break. (by then i was already in a stupor and had poured not one, but two drinks down the sink after making them because i was already in a semi-coma and somehow mistook the sink for a very big cup).

no more over-ambitious zeal next week! i need my rest! am hoping to go down to jb to visit my ex patrol members from my hk patrol! i haven't seen them since january and they are quite sweet (albeit very naughty!)


another thing i need to get off my chest is.. i'm not getting along with my colleagues. which is bad.

i always, always get along with people (unless when i'm pms-ing). but i can't grasp their time management principles. case in point-- last friday my senior told me he was gonna teach me how to do a report.

at 5.30pm (my off time) he began to teach me. i didn't really mind staying late (but i hate it when my colleagues ask, 'why do you always go home on time?'. duh. how about 'because i have finished my work?'. or 'because i actually have a life?' sometimes they stay back just for the sake of staying back.. maybe it's relationship-building, but for the past week i had 3 group dates after work and there is much to do on the other 2).

back to the story-- for every 1 minute he spent teaching me, he spent 2 minutes away from me, giggling about bras and sex with other colleagues (i mean, grow up la!). fine, i already had some tension lingering with him (grr) so i decided to let this slip.

there were 2 reports to complete and i finished one, let him check it, then switched off my computer and returned all files to respective places. only after i picked up my bag to leave did he go, 'where's the other report?' i told him i'll do it tomorrow and it was then that he told me the report was actually due on friday.

wtf!!!!!!!!!! i am sorry to say my face blackened and i snapped, 'then why didn't you say so?'

the entire office paused in silence to watch us and i must come off as spoiled but i was so pissed!

my senior was mad and replied, 'if it was due tomorrow i would've taught you on thursday!' which made me think wtf?!!!!!!!!! AGAIN.

so their philosophy is to leave everything until the last freaking minute?! if i were a senior, i would definitely not teach my junior how to do a report on the day that it is due after 5.30pm. if i absolutely had to, i would at least extend some courtesy as to inform the junior beforehand that he/she would have to OT on which day. and i will actually teach when i'm supposed to, instead of attempting to show off about my bra-unhooking skills.


my friend thinks i'm overreacting, which i might be. maybe all working people get last minute crap thrust upon them all the time. i wouldn't be so annoyed if it's a client, but this.. seriously!

[deep breath] shan't be angry, later my zits will never heal. just keep my eyes open to the world outside.

and to--

his face is so tiny and sharp and his makeup artist is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

totally my veggie-- small eyes and alabaster skin and drug addict gauntness!! (very talented too!)


serene555 said...

I can totally relate. I hate last minute scrambles to meet deadlines. unfortunately one can't avoid encountering AND working with all kinds of people. They say it takes all sorts, but sometimes I think there are some 'sorts' we could do without

MiN said...

thanks :) i was getting a bit paranoid, worrying that this was completely normal and i'm just too pampered or something

wan2 said...

unfortunately it IS pretty normal.. plenty of people don't plan & inform ahead, or just can't be bothered abt someone else's priorities/personal life.

i know your frustration. what i'm learning now is to be proactive, not reactive. if i'm allowing a situation at work to make me unhappy, that's my own fault.

when it comes to colleagues like this, it helps to inform them abt your personal commitments, working style, etc. in a subtle/tactful way. and if he doesn't plan ahead, make sure you're always one step ahead of him.

another hard lesson i learnt is never to appear angry or annoyed at a more senior colleague -- no matter how seriously pissed off and upset i am. it's always better to solve the prob tactfully. but also don't allow yourself to be bullied & taken advantage of.

haha sorry to be 'lor sor', but i wish someone had told me this when i started work! but hope you'll have a great internship & get a great review to use for your 1st job after U of Syd!

MiN said...

thanks! really appreciate u taking the time to talk to me as it's good to see what my peers r going through :)