Thursday, 21 April 2011


from now on it will be 2 english posts to 1 chinese post.

because i love rules.

am ocd like that.

i hate rules pertaining gorgeous shoes!


when i was a little girl, i fantasized about being The Girl-- the one who wears spiky heels ala Sexy Secretary. (we have a SS in our office! every time i see her in those tight grey suits i get an internal nose bleed. she's the only one in higher heels than me! plus she actually wears them, unlike me who slips my heels on only when i have to leave the office and pad around in havaianas the rest of the time XDD)

yesterday during an entertaining lunch, this sweet girl from CIMB breathed, 'wow, your shoes are so high! how can you walk in them?'

muahaha wakaka i am officially The Girl!!!!!!!!!

dreams come true!

g dragon!!!!!!!!!! oppaaa~

ok now dad has given the go-ahead to swipe his card for my university of sydney.. i am ashamed to say i almost got cold feet.

while preparing the numbers to brace dad for how much he'll have to fork out soon, i actually felt nauseous. so freaking expensive! at least i'll be doing something i enjoy. have sent in an inquiry to swap one of my masters to an arts one.

must keep end goal in mind!!

even if ibm has called to say i passed the test.(sure boh?!) wow i would feel highly intelligent if they had called within a week. now i feel like an afterthought. i really am getting more and more melodramatic. slap me please. just be grateful they called!!


ღ 紫の域 ღ™ said...

Min.. U have been adopted by Sydney Uni? Aiyoyor.. we must be having more limited time to gather ady.. So, frm now on we should actually hang out as frequent as we could b4 y'all fly.. XD

MiN said...

i have not paid the deposit yet. if i pass my IBM interview, my dad hopes i'll work there first. still, we MUST hang out!