Tuesday, 26 April 2011

shogun (sounds cool!)

seriously! recently i have been a-go-go-a-go-go-ing and now whenever i have a spare second i nap.

last saturday-- worked at dad's 8am-1pm. went home, surfed net.

5.30pm:- got ready to go out. shampoo, makeup, dress, the whole lot.

my friend was having dinner with his manager and colleague. it was a +1 event and he had nobody to bring. so he called and bribed me with a free buffet dinner. haha!

i told yang about this and he was like, is he into you?! but hell, no! if i can describe my role in bu's life, it would be calm. yang agreed that being with me is comfortable. i dislike unnecessary emo drama. but guys like exciting girls! argh but now i hardly have enough power in me to stay awake for long stretches of time, no energy to run around stirring up drama.

bu's manager is Cute! exactly my veggie!

small twinkly eyes, straight teeth, like-able grin! a bit buff for my liking but still considered hot. his wife is pretty and gentle, skinnier than me even after two kids omo!!

the colleague's girlfriend was incredibly sweet-looking as well, kinda reminiscent of the most stunning girl i'd ever seen in my life. both are so soft-spoken i think my loud laughs shocked them a bit. 

food was so-so, probably because i was expecting disaster after reading a few reviews online.

plus i wasn't paying lalala

selection was ok, taste was average, but what irked me was how they let the food get cold then relight the fire under the buffet tray. wth?! but it was the only restaurant we could get a table on saturday morning.

bu has a lot of blue-collar-ish stories. every time i talk to him (or the brothers) i'm convinced my future husband is going to go whoring under the guise of entertaining clients every night.

so my dating days shall be postponed. again. and no, to people who have no inkling of kpop, g-dragon is not my poser real-life boyfriend heh.

i mean, can you really see me dating some flamboyant dude named G Dragon in real life? the bread-baking me? haha but yeah super kick from the misunderstanding ;p

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