Friday, 29 April 2011

what's in your bag?

inspired by my dear cousin's cute share.. i decided that i wanted to do a bag post too!

because i always love snooping through people's bags (incurably 38!) and because it makes me feel like a famous blogger/star (so fantasy ar~ wanna become mrs g-dragon already) XDD

nope these are NOT rubbish. they are My Bags!

after this post i realized that all my stuff can fit into 1 bag but i'm so used to lugging 2 around to spread the weight. to all the people who thinks this is 'auntie':- you take ktm twice daily, see you take 3 bags or not!

currently using my pink leopard-print Kipling slouchy sling bag. i use a lot of Kipling. my favorite bag is actually my dad's structured LV sling bag but mum has banned me from torturing it on the ktm every day. plus it's quite heavy lah.

contents of my green Body Shop recycle bag

1. lightweight mini umbrella from HK. (bags, umbrellas, water bottles.. a few of mum's fave items to buy. in HK. why??)
2. chupa chup vanilla chocolate lollipop (bought on a whim from Jusco just now)
3. the mayor of casterbridge (my current read. i like it but i keep getting the feeling i'd read it before)
4. iPhone 4 charger (i bring it everywhere)
5. i usually bring a Sigg water bottle as well, as i'm a water bucket

inside my 'real' bag

1. keys with starbucks key chain-- gift from sf a couple of years back
2. Kose Cosmenience Happy Bath Day Precious Rose Enrich Hand Cream-- the secret to soft hands. bought it from HK last December. smells a tad artificial though.
3. Avene Thermal Spring Water spray-- i don't have dry skin but this serves as a wake-me-up during the 3pm lull on workdays. also useful after i nap in full makeup as a substitute for a splash of cold water on my face.
4. pouch that came free with an issue of vogue china, bought when i was in Qingdao last year
5. free packet of tissue i got in HK last year
6. my employee swipe card
7. my touch & go card
8. receipts to be cleared
9. my beloved Chanel Classic purse

the most precious item i own

1. i have every single member card under the sun.

am turning into my mum, haru haru!

2. a photo of me & Eunice, taken this CNY

3. Hansaplast, because i'm a girl scout

in the Vogue pouch

it's falling apart but i still love it as it's uber lightweight and has 3 compartments! i heart compartments!

1. an old fashioned lippie case with mirror that mum gave me
2. m.a.c. lipstick in russian red. every time i apply it, i think, wow i'm wearing red lipstick!
i don't know why, but i think it every. single. time.
3. m.a.c. lip conditioner. i'd already admitted to being a m.a.c. whore. in air-conditioned places i remove my lip balm and lippie from the pouch and put them in my pocket so my body heat warms them and keeps them soft enough to apply easily. smart leh~
4. Systane lubricating eye drops. supposed to change them once a month. supposed to are the operative words.
5. pen from Arenaa De Luxe Hotel
6. eyebrow scissors which i use exclusively to snip open packets of snacks *guilty*
6. iPhone 4 earphones. essential for surviving ktm trips. i plug into kpop and close my eyes and pretend i'm a skinny, post-plastic-surgery girl on a cramped subway in Seoul and i may bump into GD.. or something equally fantastically ridiculous.

laugh la, you take ktm as much as i do, you might even start fantasizing about GD (pre extreme diet, braces and stylish makeup)!


jump tone:- anybody Facebook friends with your boyfriend's/ex boyfriend's mother?

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serene555 said...

wahey! two bags some more. but i guess it makes sense since you carry around an umbrella. the phone charger is bordering on obsessive... hehehehe