Thursday, 7 April 2011

when i see handsome uncles..

this did not happen in hk.

this did not happen with my mother's friends.

the more i explain the worse it gets.

one day i walked into a restaurant and saw a very dashing uncle.

he has the type of eyes i like-- twinkly and single-lidded, he was thin, he has fairly straight teeth and he was wearing a suit. [like] plus he still has his hair. yes the hair's all gray like my dad's, they're probably around the same age, but at least they're still on his head!

uncle asked me, 'what's your name?'

i looked at uncle. and blushed. and stuttered, 'my surname is min and my name is lim.'

seriously what the hell see handsome old man can forget my own name argh i'm a pig!!

uncle was a bit confused so i hurriedly explained, 'no.. oops, sorry! what i meant was, my surname is min..'

oh my god i repeated the exact same blunder i wanna crawl under a rock and die!

third time's a charm and i managed to get my name out correctly. phew~

sigh how can i do great things when i can forget my name so easily!!

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