Sunday, 10 April 2011


finally! i graduated!

one thing that surprised me about working life was how it wasn't quite as horrifying as i'd expected.

and now that i'm working 2 jobs, i thought i would be exhausted, but the hours i clock at starbucks no longer feel like work since i have an 'official' job.

isn't it odd?

when i worked at starbucks only, rest was staying in and surfing the net or going out with friends.

now, however, working at starbucks is a new form of rest for me. perhaps it's due to the fact that my starbucks colleagues are crossing the line into being friends.


dad asked me how i find work. i told him that even if i were the wealthiest woman alive on earth, i would still get a job.

it gives us something useful to do with all the time we have. and without work there can never be play. if all your free time is play time, then 'play' kinda loses its allure.

a bit philosophical lately. perhaps due to the fact i'm starting to read real books (as opposed to just vivi and the likes)

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