Tuesday, 31 May 2011

may in photos:- plastic flowers

lovely aunt samantha

the first time i saw tule wearing these pretty little flowers in her hair i wanted them.

she gave me some but i lost them. i haven't seen them here. hopefully it's stocked in sydney, which has better shops than melbourne.

dreaming of wearing them and going to the beaches in sydney.. one thing i loved about living abroad alone is how i can just decide to go to the beach just like that. i went to parks all the time, just to lie on the benches and look at the cornflower sky with wispy white clouds. it's the most relaxing thing ever. and not something i can do here.

Monday, 30 May 2011

may in photos~

banana pudding, very expensive, delicious
so what have i done in may?

well, i sampled the most expensive banana cake ever.
i like Delicious so i'm not gonna complain about pricey glorified banana cake, served with vanilla ice cream and butterscotch sauce.
it reminds me of aussies adding ice cream and honey to pisang goreng then charging rm30 for it.

the Jack Sparrow wannabe who turned into.. Kung Fu Panda
on wednesday, bu and i spontaneously decided to watch pirates 1000 [i'm not sure exactly how many installments they have] and i was so inspired by Johnny Depp's smudged smoky eye i decided to wear it to work the next day.
honestly this is the thickest makeup i'd ever worn in my 21 years of life [i'm not very adventurous, am i?] and i had mini shocks every time i saw my reflection but it's healthy to try new stuff kan :) am still trying to perfect a smoky eye.

this morning a korean girl with the loveliest smoky eye came to starbucks. i was so absorbed in studying her makeup i didn't notice i was staring rather rudely. she thought i was waiting for her order and got all flustered and asked me to wait a bit. oops

scouts + seafood
last night my scout buddies and i drove all the way to kuala selangor for seafood.
personally am not a seafood person [i eat meat about once a week because of all the slaughterhouse videos i'd watched, darn youtube! & barbie hsu! & peta!] but i haven't seen some of them for a year at least!

it was awesome to see them all again <3

new top[s]!!

mum woke me yesterday morning to give me new clothes.
i wore the dress to work and c liked it.

then i wore this polka-dot-over-white-lace confection to dinner and yunn loved it.

hmm mum has good taste. perhaps i should stop buying my own clothes-- brought home a chic orange top from h&m hk, sekali my friend asked, 'is that pj's?'


i'm gonna miss having my own bathroom! :(

queen anne's revenge

honestly i have like a gazillion shots of blackbeard's ship in my phone.
i love walking past the 3-storey high model in mid valley. the background music, the very realistic fake stones, the actors and actresses prancing around.. it all makes for a relaxing respite during lunch.

 fann & i at grandpa's 80th birthday party

the tan family also returned to johor for grandpa's 80th birthday dinner.

it was a BIG deal.
cendol stall

 satay stall

we ordered 1,500 satays but i ate 0 because of youtube + barbie hsu + peta
kpop fanboy <3

 buckets of cordials

 this fruit & jelly platter is just too cute! reminiscent of chinese new year snack boxes!

haha but suddenly out pops a sad sight [above]. broken swings! [i swear i didn't sit on them!]

the gift table

 my fave photo

this photo makes dad look ugly [he is much more handsome than that, and i'm not saying that because i'm his daughter]. i love this shot and i enjoy seeing dad with kids because as i get older i can't really recall my childhood with him, so seeing his love of kids makes me feel somehow secure that he was a great father to the little-me. [and also because i feel he'll be a doting grandpa!]

dad is still a good father, but he has faith in me that i don't truly have in myself, and i have no idea how i'm gonna live up to his ideals, but i die die also will.

family potraits!

am i biased or is my family full of hot people?
see my aunt [2nd from left]? she's stunning. and uncle [far right] looks more like andy lau than dad does. his son is so incredibly handsome it's almost a shame we're related. seems like yesterday i was feeding him biscuits and now he's the school grass.

ahma!! <3

note my outfit. mum and i had a blowout over it as she was pissed as hell that i would wear something so ugly to grandpa's party. in my defense, i'm a casual dresser! and it's not something worth fighting with your daughter about anyway *rolls eyes*

Monday, 16 May 2011

new foods

waffle wonder, haagen dazs, rm33.80nett

recently i have had serious sugar cravings.

i'll be working working.. BAM! the above image will appear in my head.

and i can't get it out until i'm sitting in haagen dazs waiting for the waffle to arrive.

small wonder i'm always broke/fat. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY YUMMY FOODS IN THE WORLD?!!!!!!!!!!

but actually the waffle isn't that wonderful.

you know how ice cream usually remains icy and stiff for about 5minutes after serving, then the outside starts softening but the center is still cold and firm.. before the melting process kicks in for real..

but mine was already at Stage 2 when the waffle was served.

and the waffle was soggy (i think from the honey/syrup drizzle).

it was a bit messy and not what i expected (i haven't ordered waffles in ages. i think my last waffle was at Max Brenner in Melbourne. hmm that explains my Great Expectations.

and no, Tenji waffles don't count.)

local set, delicious, rm11.50nett

delicious, our competitor, has unveiled Breakfast at Delicious, starting at 8.00am every morning.

lately Starbucks had been like my room in Melbourne on 40c summer days so one morning i turned traitor and decided to try out Delicious' breakfast.

they only have 2 options-- local or western-- which makes it easy to choose. also makes it difficult for vegetarians. i had nasi lemak with chicken rendang because i had a craving for nasi lemak that morning. these days my wants are so sharp and acute, i know exactly what i want to eat and buy 99.999% of the time. which feels kinda nice.

the set comes with a mini glass of orange juice and was quite ok. Delicious is so pretty and fresh with all that white and Tiffany blue, and the food was served so beautifully, and the waiters were friendly. 2 thumbs up!

the rice and rendang were yummy. not until i wanna die or anything like that, but good enough to inspire a return visit. the rice is creamy but not heavy like Madam Kwan's (but i'm biased against Madam Kwan's with their lack of hygiene and rudeness anyway). the chicken was so tender.. i think i'll postpone my vegetarianism just for the chicken.

i'm going back to sample their western set if i have any money left this week.

Delicious breakfast to-go, scones, rm10.50nett

last Friday i stayed over at the hotel to do slave labor in exchange for accommodation.

haha actually it's not as bad as it sounds. and i'm not saying this because my manager is now my Facebook friend. (well, not just because Nat can read this). data entry is mundane and non-value-adding but if that means i don't have to squeeze in the bloody ktm and smell unwashed hair and sweaty pits, it's all good.

i can also go to bed at 1am and wake up at 7.30am instead of 6.30am :)

on Saturday morning i decided to tapao Delicious scones for breakfast. check out the lovely Tiffany blue paper bag! i think Tiffany & Co will always have a special place in my heart because of the gorgeous Tiffany blue packaging.

the scones were nothing to shout about, though. very normal scones. a bit overpriced, really. they didn't give enough jam and the cream was too liquid. they should whip it a bit or something.

sekali i went back to the office only to hear that breakfast is supplied =.=


another thing i simply must share is that i'm now aunt to my very first niece!

i haven't seen her yet but if she looks anything like her mum she'll be a knockout!

being premature and always kicking in her mum's tummy.. haha Ash has a little impatient firecracker on her hands now!!

i used to hate it when people call me 'auntie' but now i love it :)

can't wait to see her tomorrow!

Sunday, 15 May 2011


homemade chocolate fudge cake

argh every time i see this photo i wanna die because i get a craving i can't fill!!

Jyn Weii baked this for us lucky baristas. he'd done a course in baking and interned for 3 months in Tasmania so guaranteed QC lah!

the baker

he's also all-round nice guy.. has my kiss of approval also (how come all the boys who have my kiss of approval are bakers?!) so if you want his number.. heh heh

seriously the cake was heaven.. i managed to polish off one huge slice. even sneaked out of the office illegally to indulge in this during my lunch hour. (this says more about the office than it does about me, really).

it was even better on the second day, when
1. there was barely any left (supply and demand theory!)
2. the fudge had hardened even more. if you take it out from the fridge and let it sit in the warm bar for awhile it gets all cold-firm-melty-warm.. paradox in taste which is just killer.

grr i want cake now!!

for Tao

thanks Tao for being my personal shopper in Taiwan.

i received the dress safely and i love it, even if it's a bit itchy.

the black mini is way too mini though!

 the other baker and his brother

this was papped during our mamak session post Fast 5. this couple really can't keep their hands off each other!!

honestly, they have to keep touching each other affectionately while doing the most mundane of tasks, like eating, talking or watching TV.

when the rest of us commented on it, they're like, 'we do this all the time! we kiss our father all the time!'

they kiss their father all the time.
they kiss their father all the time.
they kiss their father all the time.

omo my mind can't wrap itself around this concept.

i am a girl and i kiss my father once a year, max.

but i love how cute the brothers' family is.

if i have my own family i'll be as cuddly too.

fantasy in fast 5

everybody loved fast 5 but it was a bit too fantastic for me.

a pregnant woman jumping from 2nd floor and doing a lot of rolling around on rough surfaces ends up.. unscathed? unbelievably toned + pregnancy glow at the end of the movie. if you ask me to do all this while the Interpol is after me, my only living relative-- my brother and my husband, i think my baby will be either really tough or really nervous.

all that gunfire and not even a scratch on Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. (very fake but i like, as i can't stand blood and gore). 

btw The Rock is huge! i can't find any other description which will be more apt!

the girls were all stunningly sexy. a bit skinny even for me, who worships skinny, but still.. wow.

the uncorrupted cop

her eyes are light to the point of translucency. it's haunting. i love them.

i think i can orgasm just by looking at the matt finishing

i'm not sure if matt will look hot on a Kancil (personally i think it'll look ok on a Myvi) but you have to watch Fast 5 even if it's just to gawk at the double-car-carriage scene. i think the actual cars were 2010 Dodge Chasers but this photo shows off the color better. 

go watch it! 

Thursday, 12 May 2011




最近脑海一直想起那晚姐妹来我家 sleepover,她们又坚强又可爱的一面--

聊天时,大家都有自己的原则,而且是对自己的信念非常坚定的那种 [干,不然就不会凌晨 5 点钟在我美丽的公主房间对喊]

她们喝酒喝得很爽快,我喜欢 [虽然自己少喝,因为我喝多了就会直接昏迷睡死,什么好料都没得听]

是说姐妹们实在是太好笑了! 喊完后,3 个女生就挤在我铺在地板的 2 个 mattress 一起睡觉。

看她们酱的感觉,很像小朋友-- 维护自己相信的东西,为此与朋友说话大声了些,但过了就大家躺在一起,很没有戒备的感觉。。哈哈,自己看了也心暖暖的。



在寒冷的 7 月,有这些回忆,一定很窝心。



Wednesday, 11 May 2011

you're beautiful

haha today is really..!

like cute guys everywhere! (ok lah, only 2, but my eyes have not been so spoiled for a long, long time)

today we had training as we're switching/upgrading systems.

i'd been to one training before and caught a lot of big fishes-- i was nodding off so much i'm kinda surprised i wasn't disciplined.

so imagine how excited i was about this session. meh.

suddenly in walked this chinese guy with snow white skin and cheekbones so sharp i kept sneaking peeks throughout the 3 1/2 hours.

cute toned-down dragon ball hair (how punk can we get? we work in a hotel) and pretty features. not my preference but undeniably a looker. (you should see how all the bridget jones managers were pampering him, it's like private tuition for him only *rolls eyes so much i feel dizzy*)

then our training started. he was sitting opposite so a bit of eye contact was unavoidable. (ok lah, it was unavoidable maybe because i was practically boring holes into him, poor guy XDD).

our trainer, the Group's sales director (the Group, ie. Big Shot!) began with a quiz. i think it was, 'how many categories are there under rack rates?'

i had the answer sheet on my lap so obviously i couldn't answer so i did the next best thing--

during our next eye contact i mouthed t-h-r-e-e to Dragon Ball (hmm.. dragon again? fetish?) as soon as our GSD had her back to me.

he raised a brow in surprise (walau eh guys who can raise solo brows!!!!!!!!!!) and after checking subtly that my hotel sales director and GSM couldn't see, i raised 3 fingers. (the GSM was standing between us so i was seriously..!)

sekali he also very sporting, straightaway raise his hand and answering '3'.

of course he became even more of a teacher's pet. 

but i quite beh tahan my 38-ness. probably due to watching you're beautiful recently.

i swore i wouldn't, but i had recently watched some of Park Shin Hye's and Jang Geun Suk's works (cyrano agency, she was the stupid crybaby in winter sonata as well; JGS wowed me in baby & me due to his spectacular looks-- very Lee Min Ho + T.O.P.) so i decided to believe the good hype around it.

just watched a fake laugh scene by Park but she's pretty enough. obviously Yoon Eun Hye is my fave drama actress, but Park's alright.

anyway JGS is still around to save you're beautiful. check out the baby & me dvd cover above! i came across it in a dvd shop and googled it the nanosecond i got home. see his face wei! just like a baby himself!

sweet dreams tonight muahaha

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

the man who chatted me up

a couple of Sundays ago, i was working with kj.

as i was fiddling with the Colombian shuttle, he asked, 'eh, you 91 or 92?'

hallelujah!!! fireworks erupting all over my heart but i said, 'i'm 93.'



me:- i overdid it, didn't i?

kj:- yeah you did.

apparently he thought i was a mere baby because of my.. behavior.

walau eh after 6 torturous years of scouting, i still have zero discipline.

on the day i decided that i needed to slim down so i don't scare all my clients away, i had this for supper (of all freaking meals):-

some sea amber jelly dessert, snowflake

on day 2 of my diet, i had this for supper as well (i think i have a death wish. do i subconsciously want to fail my visa medical check up?! )

molten lava cake, chili's

i am just like a freaking animal addicted to sugar!!!

sample desk of The Never-Promoted

some more at work.. my colleagues have photos of people who actually know them in their cubicles, my only photo is of g dragon =.= (my colleague even thought he's my b-list model boyfriend. yeah, right, in my dreams.)

a bit unprofessional but he's one hell of a motivator and i'm not even gonna finish my probation as i'm going abroad so what the hell.

(and yes, i brush my teeth at work sometimes.)

top & G.D. are like almond & chocolate

munching on almond and chocolate and thinking lurid thoughts at work muahaha.


one day during an entertainment lunch i had the stupidest conversation ever. somehow we were chatting about crocodiles and alligators:-

me:- are they different?

manager:- yes. one is bigger than the other.

me:- ahh~ so when crocodiles grow up, do they become alligators?

my client nearly fell off his chair.


but despite my occasional ditz, apparently i look old to some people aka the guy who talked to me while i was waiting for the bus.

he couldn't really comprehend mandarin and i didn't really understand cantonese so we struggled along until i beh tahan and called dad to fetch me right freaking NOW.

somehow we were discussing age and he asked, 'how old are you?'

me:- guess.

not-very-smart stranger:- i would say you're one year younger than me.

-my heart is sinking. he looks a bit old-

me:- how old are you then?

him:- 28.

me:- ok, end of conversation.

did i give him my number? how about.. a big fat NO?!!! he thought i was 27!!!!!!!!!!

(it's not ancient per se but i'm only 22!!!)


*sigh* this is what happens when one drinks coffee at 3pm.

alert and full of crap at 1am.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

girls night in

dry spaghetti from Delifrance. eww

i don't know when i started hanging out with my girl scout patrol again, but now it's almost a monthly thing.

they adore booze and sleepovers, so our gatherings are always alcohol-themed girls' nights in. XDD

on Saturday we wanted a 'festive' dinner near Leisure Mall to celebrate Kar Mon's birthday.

somehow we ended up at Delifrance. stupid indecisiveness and coin flipping.

i spent RM26.60 on the worst set meal i've had in a long, long time.

when the canapes arrived, Fann and i were fooled into thinking the rest of the meal would be as satisfactory.

big fat fail-- potato presto gratin

walau eh serious shit! i don't know how they managed to cook the potato yet leave a raw taste.

plus all that condensation in the bowl. gosh.

Fann just scraped the layer of baked cheese on top and left most of the potatoes.

salty, salty lobster bisque

i have no idea how they made it so salty. did they brew it with sea water or what?!

i can practically feel my hair loosening from my scalp as i sip this.


penny and yeow. they will have a wine-fueled shouting match in my room in 10 hours' time (at 5am)

 the more normal Kar Mon who, alas, joined in the debate at 5am

she looks so happy because her dish was the only edible one.

chicken baked rice which tasted strongly of herbs.


after dinner Kar Mon picked out a green tea cake from Breadstory.

haha i know, so practical and no-surprises but we grew up together so that makes it okay :)

then we went snack-shopping at Giant.

it was like, 10pm already and the lights were already being dimmed.

we grabbed a pack of crisps, a bottle of Coke and some fruits, then stupidly spent ages in front of the liquor cabinet selecting a bottle.

when we finally decided on Jack Daniels, a security guard informed us that shops can only sell hard liquor before 9pm. ish we didn't know that!


but s'okay because we're girl scouts and we're always prepared.

the girls brought some Chivas and i have a couple of bottles of wine i bought in Melbourne.

when they're desperate they drink beer too. haha so serious lah these girls!


Kar Mon cut the honeydew melon and mangoes into bite-sized chunks with the finesse of a chef's daughter, which she is.

i was both deeply impressed and extremely grateful that my mum wasn't around to witness her skill.

i'll never hear the end of it if my mum knows my friend who is 2 years younger can slice fruits so beautifully.

happy 20th Kar Mon! <3

prettiness all round!

first time see people so healthy, use fruits as an accompanier to booze.

sorry there are so many photos of cut fruits, but i just can't get over how quickly she gao-dim-ed the melon-- i didn't eat melons for one freaking year in Melbourne because i found cutting them up a challenge.

birthday girl and me! wow my hair is long!

Fann missed the cake in both shots.

the girls convinced him to join us for dinner and a drink so they can pick his brain.

they are scary!!

but all's good. penny was especially impressed with Fann's past devotion to his ex. he's a one-woman guy when he could be otherwise.

that's why i'm always worried whenever pretty playgirls play near him.

it is EVIL to play with other people's feelings. don't do it.

if you're bored, blog. or watch K-dramas. read. just don't go around breaking people's hearts.

girl scout patrol #1 forever!! <3

after the drinks have been poured and the snacks opened, we settled down for some serious talking.

personally i don't get this urge to talk about stuff, but my girls love talking. usually loudly and passionately, and all at the same time. haha it's kinda hilarious how akin they are to my other patrol members [a bunch of 18-19-year-old boys]

normally we start off with boy talk-- who is pursuing who, how our relationships are going.. then we gossip about people we know.. just before our eyes close they'll chatter about their future careers while i listen half-asleep.

the shouting match occurred at about 5am, after we have cleared the living room and moved to my bedroom.

it's an issue one of the girls have been experiencing for some time. the girl's side of the story is basically wanting to spend one day per week with the boyfriend. quality relationship time and stuff. [don't ask me, i'd never been in a long-term relationship]

the boy, however, is busy, and sometimes unable to fulfill the date. his perspective is that his career will be his focus for the time being, and who is he doing this for if not for the girl?!

then.. cling cling clang clang bang bang CLASH until wanna break up and shit. the girls are in 2 camps over this topic. 2 of them insist that once-a-week dates are not asking for much, and spending time bonding is more important than any career-building, even if he claims it's for your benefit.

penny, who is more of a power woman, is more in favor of filling up your own time if the boyfriend is too busy to meet up for a long date. [in his defense, he did suggest spreading the date day over dinners several nights, which i personally feel is very thoughtful of him].

because the girls have strong personalities [don't be fooled by their gentle/cute exteriors], they ended up raising their voices.. this got me thinking about what i would do in the same situation.

it's difficult to envisage what i would do, even when i'm thinking with a clear head [well, a bit fuzzy from sleep-deprivation]. on one hand i can understand how women crave companionship from their boyfriends.. on the other hand i believe a man is not a man until he has a career. then there are the 'frills'.. you let him be and he ends up with his sexy secretary. or you just drift apart. or you convince him to put you first and it builds resentment, which is poison.

i used to believe there is a one true love for everybody on this planet. the one person whom you'll never need to have the above discussion with. then i realized i'd been indulging in too much k-dramas.

real-life relationships seem to require maintenance and a fair bit of arguing.
i like my peace and quiet. [i really am a little old lady in a 22-year-old body]
i once read that one should be a well of love, not a fountain; we should show our support and affection not when we feel like it, but when the person we love needs it.
that is my philosophy in love.

well i hope they sort it out.
and i hope there really is one true love for me whom i'll never need to have this argument with.
who also looks like this:-

either one will do :))