Sunday, 8 May 2011

girls night in

dry spaghetti from Delifrance. eww

i don't know when i started hanging out with my girl scout patrol again, but now it's almost a monthly thing.

they adore booze and sleepovers, so our gatherings are always alcohol-themed girls' nights in. XDD

on Saturday we wanted a 'festive' dinner near Leisure Mall to celebrate Kar Mon's birthday.

somehow we ended up at Delifrance. stupid indecisiveness and coin flipping.

i spent RM26.60 on the worst set meal i've had in a long, long time.

when the canapes arrived, Fann and i were fooled into thinking the rest of the meal would be as satisfactory.

big fat fail-- potato presto gratin

walau eh serious shit! i don't know how they managed to cook the potato yet leave a raw taste.

plus all that condensation in the bowl. gosh.

Fann just scraped the layer of baked cheese on top and left most of the potatoes.

salty, salty lobster bisque

i have no idea how they made it so salty. did they brew it with sea water or what?!

i can practically feel my hair loosening from my scalp as i sip this.


penny and yeow. they will have a wine-fueled shouting match in my room in 10 hours' time (at 5am)

 the more normal Kar Mon who, alas, joined in the debate at 5am

she looks so happy because her dish was the only edible one.

chicken baked rice which tasted strongly of herbs.


after dinner Kar Mon picked out a green tea cake from Breadstory.

haha i know, so practical and no-surprises but we grew up together so that makes it okay :)

then we went snack-shopping at Giant.

it was like, 10pm already and the lights were already being dimmed.

we grabbed a pack of crisps, a bottle of Coke and some fruits, then stupidly spent ages in front of the liquor cabinet selecting a bottle.

when we finally decided on Jack Daniels, a security guard informed us that shops can only sell hard liquor before 9pm. ish we didn't know that!


but s'okay because we're girl scouts and we're always prepared.

the girls brought some Chivas and i have a couple of bottles of wine i bought in Melbourne.

when they're desperate they drink beer too. haha so serious lah these girls!


Kar Mon cut the honeydew melon and mangoes into bite-sized chunks with the finesse of a chef's daughter, which she is.

i was both deeply impressed and extremely grateful that my mum wasn't around to witness her skill.

i'll never hear the end of it if my mum knows my friend who is 2 years younger can slice fruits so beautifully.

happy 20th Kar Mon! <3

prettiness all round!

first time see people so healthy, use fruits as an accompanier to booze.

sorry there are so many photos of cut fruits, but i just can't get over how quickly she gao-dim-ed the melon-- i didn't eat melons for one freaking year in Melbourne because i found cutting them up a challenge.

birthday girl and me! wow my hair is long!

Fann missed the cake in both shots.

the girls convinced him to join us for dinner and a drink so they can pick his brain.

they are scary!!

but all's good. penny was especially impressed with Fann's past devotion to his ex. he's a one-woman guy when he could be otherwise.

that's why i'm always worried whenever pretty playgirls play near him.

it is EVIL to play with other people's feelings. don't do it.

if you're bored, blog. or watch K-dramas. read. just don't go around breaking people's hearts.

girl scout patrol #1 forever!! <3

after the drinks have been poured and the snacks opened, we settled down for some serious talking.

personally i don't get this urge to talk about stuff, but my girls love talking. usually loudly and passionately, and all at the same time. haha it's kinda hilarious how akin they are to my other patrol members [a bunch of 18-19-year-old boys]

normally we start off with boy talk-- who is pursuing who, how our relationships are going.. then we gossip about people we know.. just before our eyes close they'll chatter about their future careers while i listen half-asleep.

the shouting match occurred at about 5am, after we have cleared the living room and moved to my bedroom.

it's an issue one of the girls have been experiencing for some time. the girl's side of the story is basically wanting to spend one day per week with the boyfriend. quality relationship time and stuff. [don't ask me, i'd never been in a long-term relationship]

the boy, however, is busy, and sometimes unable to fulfill the date. his perspective is that his career will be his focus for the time being, and who is he doing this for if not for the girl?!

then.. cling cling clang clang bang bang CLASH until wanna break up and shit. the girls are in 2 camps over this topic. 2 of them insist that once-a-week dates are not asking for much, and spending time bonding is more important than any career-building, even if he claims it's for your benefit.

penny, who is more of a power woman, is more in favor of filling up your own time if the boyfriend is too busy to meet up for a long date. [in his defense, he did suggest spreading the date day over dinners several nights, which i personally feel is very thoughtful of him].

because the girls have strong personalities [don't be fooled by their gentle/cute exteriors], they ended up raising their voices.. this got me thinking about what i would do in the same situation.

it's difficult to envisage what i would do, even when i'm thinking with a clear head [well, a bit fuzzy from sleep-deprivation]. on one hand i can understand how women crave companionship from their boyfriends.. on the other hand i believe a man is not a man until he has a career. then there are the 'frills'.. you let him be and he ends up with his sexy secretary. or you just drift apart. or you convince him to put you first and it builds resentment, which is poison.

i used to believe there is a one true love for everybody on this planet. the one person whom you'll never need to have the above discussion with. then i realized i'd been indulging in too much k-dramas.

real-life relationships seem to require maintenance and a fair bit of arguing.
i like my peace and quiet. [i really am a little old lady in a 22-year-old body]
i once read that one should be a well of love, not a fountain; we should show our support and affection not when we feel like it, but when the person we love needs it.
that is my philosophy in love.

well i hope they sort it out.
and i hope there really is one true love for me whom i'll never need to have this argument with.
who also looks like this:-

either one will do :))

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