Sunday, 15 May 2011


homemade chocolate fudge cake

argh every time i see this photo i wanna die because i get a craving i can't fill!!

Jyn Weii baked this for us lucky baristas. he'd done a course in baking and interned for 3 months in Tasmania so guaranteed QC lah!

the baker

he's also all-round nice guy.. has my kiss of approval also (how come all the boys who have my kiss of approval are bakers?!) so if you want his number.. heh heh

seriously the cake was heaven.. i managed to polish off one huge slice. even sneaked out of the office illegally to indulge in this during my lunch hour. (this says more about the office than it does about me, really).

it was even better on the second day, when
1. there was barely any left (supply and demand theory!)
2. the fudge had hardened even more. if you take it out from the fridge and let it sit in the warm bar for awhile it gets all cold-firm-melty-warm.. paradox in taste which is just killer.

grr i want cake now!!

for Tao

thanks Tao for being my personal shopper in Taiwan.

i received the dress safely and i love it, even if it's a bit itchy.

the black mini is way too mini though!

 the other baker and his brother

this was papped during our mamak session post Fast 5. this couple really can't keep their hands off each other!!

honestly, they have to keep touching each other affectionately while doing the most mundane of tasks, like eating, talking or watching TV.

when the rest of us commented on it, they're like, 'we do this all the time! we kiss our father all the time!'

they kiss their father all the time.
they kiss their father all the time.
they kiss their father all the time.

omo my mind can't wrap itself around this concept.

i am a girl and i kiss my father once a year, max.

but i love how cute the brothers' family is.

if i have my own family i'll be as cuddly too.

fantasy in fast 5

everybody loved fast 5 but it was a bit too fantastic for me.

a pregnant woman jumping from 2nd floor and doing a lot of rolling around on rough surfaces ends up.. unscathed? unbelievably toned + pregnancy glow at the end of the movie. if you ask me to do all this while the Interpol is after me, my only living relative-- my brother and my husband, i think my baby will be either really tough or really nervous.

all that gunfire and not even a scratch on Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. (very fake but i like, as i can't stand blood and gore). 

btw The Rock is huge! i can't find any other description which will be more apt!

the girls were all stunningly sexy. a bit skinny even for me, who worships skinny, but still.. wow.

the uncorrupted cop

her eyes are light to the point of translucency. it's haunting. i love them.

i think i can orgasm just by looking at the matt finishing

i'm not sure if matt will look hot on a Kancil (personally i think it'll look ok on a Myvi) but you have to watch Fast 5 even if it's just to gawk at the double-car-carriage scene. i think the actual cars were 2010 Dodge Chasers but this photo shows off the color better. 

go watch it! 

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