Tuesday, 10 May 2011

the man who chatted me up

a couple of Sundays ago, i was working with kj.

as i was fiddling with the Colombian shuttle, he asked, 'eh, you 91 or 92?'

hallelujah!!! fireworks erupting all over my heart but i said, 'i'm 93.'



me:- i overdid it, didn't i?

kj:- yeah you did.

apparently he thought i was a mere baby because of my.. behavior.

walau eh after 6 torturous years of scouting, i still have zero discipline.

on the day i decided that i needed to slim down so i don't scare all my clients away, i had this for supper (of all freaking meals):-

some sea amber jelly dessert, snowflake

on day 2 of my diet, i had this for supper as well (i think i have a death wish. do i subconsciously want to fail my visa medical check up?! )

molten lava cake, chili's

i am just like a freaking animal addicted to sugar!!!

sample desk of The Never-Promoted

some more at work.. my colleagues have photos of people who actually know them in their cubicles, my only photo is of g dragon =.= (my colleague even thought he's my b-list model boyfriend. yeah, right, in my dreams.)

a bit unprofessional but he's one hell of a motivator and i'm not even gonna finish my probation as i'm going abroad so what the hell.

(and yes, i brush my teeth at work sometimes.)

top & G.D. are like almond & chocolate

munching on almond and chocolate and thinking lurid thoughts at work muahaha.


one day during an entertainment lunch i had the stupidest conversation ever. somehow we were chatting about crocodiles and alligators:-

me:- are they different?

manager:- yes. one is bigger than the other.

me:- ahh~ so when crocodiles grow up, do they become alligators?

my client nearly fell off his chair.


but despite my occasional ditz, apparently i look old to some people aka the guy who talked to me while i was waiting for the bus.

he couldn't really comprehend mandarin and i didn't really understand cantonese so we struggled along until i beh tahan and called dad to fetch me right freaking NOW.

somehow we were discussing age and he asked, 'how old are you?'

me:- guess.

not-very-smart stranger:- i would say you're one year younger than me.

-my heart is sinking. he looks a bit old-

me:- how old are you then?

him:- 28.

me:- ok, end of conversation.

did i give him my number? how about.. a big fat NO?!!! he thought i was 27!!!!!!!!!!

(it's not ancient per se but i'm only 22!!!)


*sigh* this is what happens when one drinks coffee at 3pm.

alert and full of crap at 1am.

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