Wednesday, 1 June 2011

may in photos 2:- grandpa's 80th

this is a 70-year-old couple who dresses up and performs at parties because it's their hobby.

the lady won a senior beauty pageant XDD

and they're actually datuks who used to be headmasters.


the reek of cheap cream is worse than getting a tattoo.

you know the low-quality cream smell.. kinda salty.. i hated every second of taking family portraits near this.

babies look so angelic when they're sleeping!

seriously just looking at this photo makes my hormones run all over the place!

grandpa & i :))

this is not the grandpa who had the birthday.

the grandpa who celebrated his 80th.. has no idea who i am =.=

seriously he doesn't even know his own daughters' name [rolls eyes]

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