Monday, 30 May 2011

may in photos~

banana pudding, very expensive, delicious
so what have i done in may?

well, i sampled the most expensive banana cake ever.
i like Delicious so i'm not gonna complain about pricey glorified banana cake, served with vanilla ice cream and butterscotch sauce.
it reminds me of aussies adding ice cream and honey to pisang goreng then charging rm30 for it.

the Jack Sparrow wannabe who turned into.. Kung Fu Panda
on wednesday, bu and i spontaneously decided to watch pirates 1000 [i'm not sure exactly how many installments they have] and i was so inspired by Johnny Depp's smudged smoky eye i decided to wear it to work the next day.
honestly this is the thickest makeup i'd ever worn in my 21 years of life [i'm not very adventurous, am i?] and i had mini shocks every time i saw my reflection but it's healthy to try new stuff kan :) am still trying to perfect a smoky eye.

this morning a korean girl with the loveliest smoky eye came to starbucks. i was so absorbed in studying her makeup i didn't notice i was staring rather rudely. she thought i was waiting for her order and got all flustered and asked me to wait a bit. oops

scouts + seafood
last night my scout buddies and i drove all the way to kuala selangor for seafood.
personally am not a seafood person [i eat meat about once a week because of all the slaughterhouse videos i'd watched, darn youtube! & barbie hsu! & peta!] but i haven't seen some of them for a year at least!

it was awesome to see them all again <3

new top[s]!!

mum woke me yesterday morning to give me new clothes.
i wore the dress to work and c liked it.

then i wore this polka-dot-over-white-lace confection to dinner and yunn loved it.

hmm mum has good taste. perhaps i should stop buying my own clothes-- brought home a chic orange top from h&m hk, sekali my friend asked, 'is that pj's?'


i'm gonna miss having my own bathroom! :(

queen anne's revenge

honestly i have like a gazillion shots of blackbeard's ship in my phone.
i love walking past the 3-storey high model in mid valley. the background music, the very realistic fake stones, the actors and actresses prancing around.. it all makes for a relaxing respite during lunch.

 fann & i at grandpa's 80th birthday party

the tan family also returned to johor for grandpa's 80th birthday dinner.

it was a BIG deal.
cendol stall

 satay stall

we ordered 1,500 satays but i ate 0 because of youtube + barbie hsu + peta
kpop fanboy <3

 buckets of cordials

 this fruit & jelly platter is just too cute! reminiscent of chinese new year snack boxes!

haha but suddenly out pops a sad sight [above]. broken swings! [i swear i didn't sit on them!]

the gift table

 my fave photo

this photo makes dad look ugly [he is much more handsome than that, and i'm not saying that because i'm his daughter]. i love this shot and i enjoy seeing dad with kids because as i get older i can't really recall my childhood with him, so seeing his love of kids makes me feel somehow secure that he was a great father to the little-me. [and also because i feel he'll be a doting grandpa!]

dad is still a good father, but he has faith in me that i don't truly have in myself, and i have no idea how i'm gonna live up to his ideals, but i die die also will.

family potraits!

am i biased or is my family full of hot people?
see my aunt [2nd from left]? she's stunning. and uncle [far right] looks more like andy lau than dad does. his son is so incredibly handsome it's almost a shame we're related. seems like yesterday i was feeding him biscuits and now he's the school grass.

ahma!! <3

note my outfit. mum and i had a blowout over it as she was pissed as hell that i would wear something so ugly to grandpa's party. in my defense, i'm a casual dresser! and it's not something worth fighting with your daughter about anyway *rolls eyes*

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