Monday, 16 May 2011

new foods

waffle wonder, haagen dazs, rm33.80nett

recently i have had serious sugar cravings.

i'll be working working.. BAM! the above image will appear in my head.

and i can't get it out until i'm sitting in haagen dazs waiting for the waffle to arrive.

small wonder i'm always broke/fat. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY YUMMY FOODS IN THE WORLD?!!!!!!!!!!

but actually the waffle isn't that wonderful.

you know how ice cream usually remains icy and stiff for about 5minutes after serving, then the outside starts softening but the center is still cold and firm.. before the melting process kicks in for real..

but mine was already at Stage 2 when the waffle was served.

and the waffle was soggy (i think from the honey/syrup drizzle).

it was a bit messy and not what i expected (i haven't ordered waffles in ages. i think my last waffle was at Max Brenner in Melbourne. hmm that explains my Great Expectations.

and no, Tenji waffles don't count.)

local set, delicious, rm11.50nett

delicious, our competitor, has unveiled Breakfast at Delicious, starting at 8.00am every morning.

lately Starbucks had been like my room in Melbourne on 40c summer days so one morning i turned traitor and decided to try out Delicious' breakfast.

they only have 2 options-- local or western-- which makes it easy to choose. also makes it difficult for vegetarians. i had nasi lemak with chicken rendang because i had a craving for nasi lemak that morning. these days my wants are so sharp and acute, i know exactly what i want to eat and buy 99.999% of the time. which feels kinda nice.

the set comes with a mini glass of orange juice and was quite ok. Delicious is so pretty and fresh with all that white and Tiffany blue, and the food was served so beautifully, and the waiters were friendly. 2 thumbs up!

the rice and rendang were yummy. not until i wanna die or anything like that, but good enough to inspire a return visit. the rice is creamy but not heavy like Madam Kwan's (but i'm biased against Madam Kwan's with their lack of hygiene and rudeness anyway). the chicken was so tender.. i think i'll postpone my vegetarianism just for the chicken.

i'm going back to sample their western set if i have any money left this week.

Delicious breakfast to-go, scones, rm10.50nett

last Friday i stayed over at the hotel to do slave labor in exchange for accommodation.

haha actually it's not as bad as it sounds. and i'm not saying this because my manager is now my Facebook friend. (well, not just because Nat can read this). data entry is mundane and non-value-adding but if that means i don't have to squeeze in the bloody ktm and smell unwashed hair and sweaty pits, it's all good.

i can also go to bed at 1am and wake up at 7.30am instead of 6.30am :)

on Saturday morning i decided to tapao Delicious scones for breakfast. check out the lovely Tiffany blue paper bag! i think Tiffany & Co will always have a special place in my heart because of the gorgeous Tiffany blue packaging.

the scones were nothing to shout about, though. very normal scones. a bit overpriced, really. they didn't give enough jam and the cream was too liquid. they should whip it a bit or something.

sekali i went back to the office only to hear that breakfast is supplied =.=


another thing i simply must share is that i'm now aunt to my very first niece!

i haven't seen her yet but if she looks anything like her mum she'll be a knockout!

being premature and always kicking in her mum's tummy.. haha Ash has a little impatient firecracker on her hands now!!

i used to hate it when people call me 'auntie' but now i love it :)

can't wait to see her tomorrow!

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