Wednesday, 11 May 2011

you're beautiful

haha today is really..!

like cute guys everywhere! (ok lah, only 2, but my eyes have not been so spoiled for a long, long time)

today we had training as we're switching/upgrading systems.

i'd been to one training before and caught a lot of big fishes-- i was nodding off so much i'm kinda surprised i wasn't disciplined.

so imagine how excited i was about this session. meh.

suddenly in walked this chinese guy with snow white skin and cheekbones so sharp i kept sneaking peeks throughout the 3 1/2 hours.

cute toned-down dragon ball hair (how punk can we get? we work in a hotel) and pretty features. not my preference but undeniably a looker. (you should see how all the bridget jones managers were pampering him, it's like private tuition for him only *rolls eyes so much i feel dizzy*)

then our training started. he was sitting opposite so a bit of eye contact was unavoidable. (ok lah, it was unavoidable maybe because i was practically boring holes into him, poor guy XDD).

our trainer, the Group's sales director (the Group, ie. Big Shot!) began with a quiz. i think it was, 'how many categories are there under rack rates?'

i had the answer sheet on my lap so obviously i couldn't answer so i did the next best thing--

during our next eye contact i mouthed t-h-r-e-e to Dragon Ball (hmm.. dragon again? fetish?) as soon as our GSD had her back to me.

he raised a brow in surprise (walau eh guys who can raise solo brows!!!!!!!!!!) and after checking subtly that my hotel sales director and GSM couldn't see, i raised 3 fingers. (the GSM was standing between us so i was seriously..!)

sekali he also very sporting, straightaway raise his hand and answering '3'.

of course he became even more of a teacher's pet. 

but i quite beh tahan my 38-ness. probably due to watching you're beautiful recently.

i swore i wouldn't, but i had recently watched some of Park Shin Hye's and Jang Geun Suk's works (cyrano agency, she was the stupid crybaby in winter sonata as well; JGS wowed me in baby & me due to his spectacular looks-- very Lee Min Ho + T.O.P.) so i decided to believe the good hype around it.

just watched a fake laugh scene by Park but she's pretty enough. obviously Yoon Eun Hye is my fave drama actress, but Park's alright.

anyway JGS is still around to save you're beautiful. check out the baby & me dvd cover above! i came across it in a dvd shop and googled it the nanosecond i got home. see his face wei! just like a baby himself!

sweet dreams tonight muahaha

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