Thursday, 30 June 2011

petal soft skin

in May i bought a couple Body Shop body lotions.. and finished a bottle a few days ago!

walau eh, do i, like, drink them or something?!

anyway the range has probably been discontinued (sadness.. it smells heavenly, and people always ask how i smell so good when i'm using it)

now i'm using bottle #2

the body shop moroccan rose body milk, rm 55

i first sniffed this on a friend in Melbourne-- she was dropping by my apartment to give me some homemade mango sago dessert and i was immediately, '' wow, what's that fragrance? it smells awesome!''

i'm obsessed with scents. and the first day i used this i could hardly stop taking deep breaths so i can inhale this amazing aroma.


during breakfast the next day mum wrinkled her nose and told me my new perfume sucked. 

every time mum criticizes how i smell (she hates Vera Wang Princess) i change said item promptly because i know we might end up fighting over this.

so when i passed by Etude House in 1U on Monday, i bought this

etude house petit bijou cotton snow intensive care cream, rm 23.90

the second i saw the for-baby-ish packaging i was sold.

it smells like baby powder, another plus.

this is also the bomb, my maid was like, ''what's that smell? it smells like flowers!''

and mum must like it too because she didn't complain ^-^

very pleased with my progress to being The Girl Who Smells Good yaay!

Monday, 27 June 2011

opening => gathering

haha silly me! just learned how to snap iPhone screen shots!

check out my hot background of GD & TOP!

and my even hotter lock screen of a sultry Son Ga In for nylon. maximum love.


went to a high school classmate's beauty saloon opening today.

we were the Good Girls of class 4a3 in 2005 *^-^* along with Xian, Winnie and Shin Xuan?

jin wah aka lavender has been giving facials for a couple of years, and now she has her own parlor!

when i see her all busy and mature with her 2 assistants, i feel a twinge of guilt-- she is already supporting her family while i'm sucking mine dry. (for the first time ever, dad couldn't finish a hike today.. and he has been erupting into violent coughs fairly often now. these things are giving me frown lines :( )

anyway, for people who enjoys facials, her Infinite Beauty Centre is located at Taman Midah.

hui chian, night glare-medium using noel app

i was so surprised when i arrived-- all these ex classmates whom i have not set eyes on since graduation! everybody was there! it was like a reunion party!

some of us took off to old town for a yam cha session afterwards.

i had some kaya and butter toasts with condensed milk as i was missing similar buns from HK.. but it wasn't good even by malaysian standards.

 me, star filter-medium using noel app

omgosh i heart noel app so, so much!

you can make your photos bling bling or bubble-blur, too cute! Ga In's photo on my lock screen is bling bling!

wearing my new shirt.. courtesy of mum.. it looks kinda cheap, though! ahh~ mum is buying me clothes left, right & centre, how am i going to lug them all to sydney?! (now she is considering flying with me but i don't think that's a good idea because

1. we'll fight
2. she has no place to sleep
3. i'll look like a big, useless baby
4. i'll find it harder to adapt without my family (i already know i'll miss everybody her like crazy!))

please admire my perfectly lined eyes HAHAHAHAHA

seriously i almost beh tahan myself, every 2 days post similar picture of my lined eyes but i'm just brimming with pleasure every time i line my eyes nicely. i feel like i can take on the world after my eyes are lined! 

diva cross, star filter-light

just because i love noel app so much.. this is my newest accessory.

i wanted to get one in real gold but earrings come first so this will do instead.

daddy get well soon. good night

Sunday, 26 June 2011

black sesame trend?

black sesame sensation, snowflake

续我爱的-- 星巴克 black sesame green tea cream,发现 snowflake 新推出的 black sesame sensation


黑芝麻球说实在的是没什么味道,只是 qq 咬爽。

花生酱冰一开始吃时很 high,因为它很滑,吃下去很顺口;但吃多几口就觉得。。无聊啊。。

是说 pavilion 的 snowflake 生意也太好了吧!!

过后我们继续逛到 lot 10 去,吃了一盘嚎煎 (哪个‘嚎’呀?)

开心的一天,持续吃! 买东西!

aigoo~ 要开始收拾去悉尼的行李了。。懒啊~

Saturday, 25 June 2011

atas lunch-- cilantro

daddy.. plus the bloody rm30++ bottle of mineral water which is sold at Isetan for less than rm9

dad has always been very Lim in the sense that he is quite intellectual and enjoys exploring new things. my mum, on the other hand.. is not. she knows what she likes and sticks to it almost stubbornly. 

dad had wanted to try Cilantro since our last trip to Macau, when he read in an atas magazine at our luxurious atas room at the Venetian, that it was one of the Top 10 Restaurants in Asia. so, finally, we went for lunch today.

i picked lunch as i was supposed to pay.. and if i had selected dinner instead i wouldn't be able to afford new earrings and anklet that i had been eyeing for quite awhile now.

haha from all our camwhoring.. it was a bit obvious that we're not that atas XDD

bread wrapped ingeniously to retain warmth.

what's that marble cube? i wondered, stabbing it with a finger--

sekali it is some garlicky-peppery butter-&-herb paste to accompany the bread ;p

haha so paiseh!!

honestly the bread from Sage was much better.. though the butter was good :)

we're planning to go try Sage's lunch soon ^-^


slightly sweet bubbly.. considered quite excellent but of course i couldn't finish it. no matter what booze i drink, after awhile it tastes bitter to me.

my parents drank all of theirs but dad got red and everybody ended up all drowsy from the alcohol.

i took this to show off my lovely new earrings but all i could see were my flushed face.

(btw the stupid earrings! nearly ripped my lobes out trying to take them off!)

my mum was very impressed with the menus hehe.

the paper is ravishing, though, all subtle gold shimmer.

cold capellini with lobster & uni sauce

we spent ages wondering what capellini is.. capelin is a small northern fish, but we couldn't spy any on our plates.. ended up asking the waitress.

answer:- it's the pasta =.=''

this was quite yummy-- the lobster pieces were fresh and succulent yum yum!

  sea urchin!

however, i picked out my sea urchins & passed them to dad as i felt weird eating something that looks like an underwater durian~ yeah i can be a total oddball sometimes.

daddy struggling with my iPhone haha

he was supposed to take this:-

but ended up continuously snapping self portraits or exiting the app:-

he looks like an old baby! so blur! like Benjamin Button!

foie gras royale

foie gras is one of the food that i have mixed feelings about--

on one hand, the force-feeding of the geese makes me uneasy.. 

i swear, ever since i perused skinny bitch, i have felt myself to be 'consuming fear' every time i eat meat. apparently the intense terror and pain the animals  experience when they are slaughtered are passed to us when we eat them. 

oh my goodness, am i crazy?

on the other hand, there was a beautiful story i read once about a goose who was in love with a farm girl. (haha i love these trans-species romances. the little prince and his rose, anyone?) 

anyway the goose was so besotted with the girl that he gorged on the wine the girl brought everyday, despite knowing that it was to fatten up his liver for foie gras

when it eventually died, the person who consumed the foie gras tasted love when he ate the dish.. sounds kinda dumb but i expected to suddenly have a relevation while eating this course.

it's kinda like chawan mushi.. in rich chicken stock that is making me thirsty even now.. not sure if it's because of the love story but i loved this dish. not sure how to explain the taste.. haha, the taste of love?

char grilled wagyu rump & cheek ragout

this was the main i picked.

parents had fish instead as both don't eat beef:-

sole fillet with scallop & jus

i sampled some of mum's fish.. er.. cabbage taste.

the scallops were delicious though, fresh & Q!

wow my top is super girly.. guess who bought it? :D

i liked the medium rare wagyu rump (hehe eating cow butt XDD) but not the ragout. the taste was a bit strong for me. didn't even finish it, and there wasn't much to begin with!

the artistic dollop of mashed potatoes was also average.

chocolate mousse glace with vanilla & orange ice cream

mum was pissed at the half moon mousse-- can't they give us one?! so kiam siap

haha well we did get one at Sage. plus Sage's dessert left a much deeper impression on me. this was only so-so. the mousse was kinda blended with ice cream? whatever, i don't really like desserts with chocolate coating like this one (or the skin on the new Sbux Noir/ Chocolate Tuxedo)

ended our atas lunch with chamomile tea.

their coffee smells awesome but i didn't want to further mess up my sleep cycle.

business was quite good there, with all tables on my floor taken.

after lunch i'd wanted to pay with my entry-level debit card, much to parents' amusement, but mum ended up using her atas credit card 'because i want the points' haha! i just might be able to have new earrings soon ^-^


if you're like me, not atas but wanna try atas things (wow i love using that word, makes me feel like i'm funny or something), this is a worthwhile experience at rm150nett pp. or just go to Sage, which is actually cheaper with better food (rm100nett pp).

also bear in mind that when the waiters ask if you prefer sparkling or still water, both are bottled, imported, excessively marked up stuff you don't need. just ask for normal water. your wallet and mother earth will thank you for it. i had some atas water which didn't taste any different from the bawah version i was served after the bottle finished.

=the end=

Friday, 24 June 2011

new look

jang jang!

i have a huge, unbelievably extensive makeup collection so every morning i have to decide what to poison my face with. (makeup is evil to your skin but i really can't meet my friends barefaced! i only go out au naturel when i'm only with immediate family)

i finally managed to perfect framing my entire eyes in liner *proud* *proud*
it's still not obvious as my lids just 'eats up' all my makeup when i open my eyes.. but i'm happy ^-^
plus my skin is slowly clearing :D

fann hates this look though. but he dislikes everything except nude makeup.
so i'll still be wearing this look for the rest of the year i think.
so glad i didn't throw away my m.a.c. eyeliner brush :))

p/s. but seriously my lips! has anybody ever heard of lip-reduction surgery?

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

the odd guy

yesterday i took the bus home as Fann was busy.

as i was struggling to stay awake (my sleeping cycle is also screwed), this obese man boarded the bus and sat near me.

a guy opposite him seemed really surprised to have seen an obese man-- he widened his eyes, gaped, and finally blurted, while pointing at the obese man's bulging middle, 'is that your fat?!'

walau eh. quite weird.


served a handsome man who resembles Hyun Bin at Starbucks today.

cute ^-^

also tried the new Black Sesame Green Tea Cream with Soy milk today. now it's my new fave beverage. (if you like green tea, the black sesame taste overpowers the green tea, so you may wanna stick to normal Green Tea Cream)

i'll try making Soy Black Sesame Cream tomorrow. yum yum!

Monday, 20 June 2011


1. the first thing i see every morning:-

my beloved iPhone 4.. to switch off the alarm

2. the biggest thing that happened to me recently:-

i guess gearing up to go to Sydney in less than a month's time is the biggest thing right now.

3. my best mirror shot:-

i don't really take mirror shots.. it's an i-love-this-outfit-too-much occasion for every mirror shot.

this was from December, in Hotel Michael in Singapore, feeling happy about my new Pull & Bear tank & Uniqlo cardigan :D

(this is my usual style.. mum went clothes-shopping in Johor again, and y'all should see the frilly, pale pink, bejeweled lace dress with glittery ribbons she selected for me [pengsan] it's going to be gifted to her friend's daughter)

4. the person/people i see most in a week:-

actually it's probably my maid. but i don't have her photo and i don't feel like taking one. because i hate how she sifts through my garbage even after i warned her not to.

some days i don't see anybody at all. but now that i depend on Fann to shuttle me to and from work, i guess i see him most.

6. my favorite meal:-

i love home cooked food. real home cooked food, not my mum's cheat-version of heating up tinned food and serving them in pretty bowls.

the last home food i had was prepared by Aunt Penny and ahma at ahma's home last Sunday. when i ate the simple lunch, i was very moved, and my heart went 'ahh~~' in a happy and satisfied way. 

(the food in the shot is from Kent's home last December though)

i have been eating out since i was 16.. and admittedly my eating habits have worsened recently (cookies for every dinner? for more than a month? what was i thinking?!). my skin has never been so bad that people ask me if i'm under a lot of stress.. so to have people pose that question to me is a huge SHOCKER!!

if this keeps up i'm gonna lose what mum calls my 'last asset'!!

7. the color of my eyes:-

very black. this was from last October, after i chopped off the last of my bleached hair. argh i miss my skin!

(nicked this post idea from Serene XDD)

happy father's day :))

the thing with watching too much we got married is that it romanticizes me like crazy, and i feel the NEED to prepare an 'event' for every special occasion that arises.

next Friday we'll be trying Cilantro if all goes well, so for today it was just a simple economy rice dinner with cake, as dad was still recovering from his illness thus didn't feel like dining out. i was glad because the crowds were mad!

Fann asked, 'why do we need a candle? it's not even dad's birthday!'

but candles are so festive!

our festivities were rather chop-chop though.

we gobbled down our economy rice in silence, with me attempting to make conversation by talking about.. economy rice.

then step #2:- dad says a wish aloud ['i hope for my son to become a dragon and my daughters to become phoenixes']

step #3:- dad makes a silent wish

step #4:- dad blows out candle

step #5:- photo time with the kids!

the evil brother

the filial daughter [wah, self-praise-ing XDD] but i paid for everything! so there!

step #6:- we ate the entire cake, starting by picking the fruit slices off the top of the cake with our fingers. Coco had beef and vegetables dog food today instead of her usual biscuits.


Sunday, 19 June 2011


just some shots of buildings in Qingdao.. this is where the very handsome Chiang Kai-Shek and later Chairman Mao received guests. i love old buildings like this one. it has a secret room for them to peek at visitors and decide if they want to meet them.. cool!! (when did i start using the word 'cool' again? =.='')

the house on the hill must be stunning!

after watching we got married, only did i understand why this outfit was the rage in China, especially Qingdao!

i bought it because i thought it was cute.. then i noticed heaps of other girls wearing the exact outfit as well.. if you watched the Horror Special, you would've seen the Khuntoria couple in this! (Victoria is from Qingdao so no wonder more girls wore it there)

just finished all Adam couple episodes with a heavy heart :'( so sad that all good things must come to an end!

goodbye Adam couple. can't believe i shed tears for you!!


this is the location ^-^

Friday, 17 June 2011

they call me auntie!

my first niece Zyan just had her full moon :))

that's her lovely mum with makeup on one eye. we were visiting her and had an impromptu makeup demo hehe

ash says i should wear more makeup since i'm still young enough to carry everything off :DD

actually i do wear a lot of makeup but my eyelids are inner double, which means whenever i open my eyes, all my hard work disappears into the folds of my lids.

am contending cutting my lids but i've heard that it's not permanent-- after awhile your eyelids will droop and it's back to square one [not counting risk of infection etc].

since working, i've felt that we should live on the edge more-- whenever Fann asks me, 'should i get a mohawk aka TaeYang?' or 'i wanna copy GD's hairstyle from Love Song', i always encourage him to go for TaeYang's look, though GD is the current love of my life.

'girl~ i need a girl'

i mean, more conventional hairstyles can always be had after he starts his corporate life.

live while you can!

though going out alone can sometimes feel daunting, i did a lot of that in Melbourne. it usually turns out fun, but as i'm a morning person and is usually tired out by 11pm, partying was limited. i also take a century to warm up to people, so i don't really have a fixed group of buddies-- i just play with everybody, usually whoever i'm with. a pity that i gained like a billion pounds and refused to snap any photos during my year there.

i wasn't fazed about going to Sydney but people kept gasping, 'you're going alone?! with no permanent accommodation found?!' until i'm starting to feel the slightest tug of apprehension. but seriously i know i'm gonna be fine :)) and it's gonna be fun!