Saturday, 25 June 2011

atas lunch-- cilantro

daddy.. plus the bloody rm30++ bottle of mineral water which is sold at Isetan for less than rm9

dad has always been very Lim in the sense that he is quite intellectual and enjoys exploring new things. my mum, on the other hand.. is not. she knows what she likes and sticks to it almost stubbornly. 

dad had wanted to try Cilantro since our last trip to Macau, when he read in an atas magazine at our luxurious atas room at the Venetian, that it was one of the Top 10 Restaurants in Asia. so, finally, we went for lunch today.

i picked lunch as i was supposed to pay.. and if i had selected dinner instead i wouldn't be able to afford new earrings and anklet that i had been eyeing for quite awhile now.

haha from all our camwhoring.. it was a bit obvious that we're not that atas XDD

bread wrapped ingeniously to retain warmth.

what's that marble cube? i wondered, stabbing it with a finger--

sekali it is some garlicky-peppery butter-&-herb paste to accompany the bread ;p

haha so paiseh!!

honestly the bread from Sage was much better.. though the butter was good :)

we're planning to go try Sage's lunch soon ^-^


slightly sweet bubbly.. considered quite excellent but of course i couldn't finish it. no matter what booze i drink, after awhile it tastes bitter to me.

my parents drank all of theirs but dad got red and everybody ended up all drowsy from the alcohol.

i took this to show off my lovely new earrings but all i could see were my flushed face.

(btw the stupid earrings! nearly ripped my lobes out trying to take them off!)

my mum was very impressed with the menus hehe.

the paper is ravishing, though, all subtle gold shimmer.

cold capellini with lobster & uni sauce

we spent ages wondering what capellini is.. capelin is a small northern fish, but we couldn't spy any on our plates.. ended up asking the waitress.

answer:- it's the pasta =.=''

this was quite yummy-- the lobster pieces were fresh and succulent yum yum!

  sea urchin!

however, i picked out my sea urchins & passed them to dad as i felt weird eating something that looks like an underwater durian~ yeah i can be a total oddball sometimes.

daddy struggling with my iPhone haha

he was supposed to take this:-

but ended up continuously snapping self portraits or exiting the app:-

he looks like an old baby! so blur! like Benjamin Button!

foie gras royale

foie gras is one of the food that i have mixed feelings about--

on one hand, the force-feeding of the geese makes me uneasy.. 

i swear, ever since i perused skinny bitch, i have felt myself to be 'consuming fear' every time i eat meat. apparently the intense terror and pain the animals  experience when they are slaughtered are passed to us when we eat them. 

oh my goodness, am i crazy?

on the other hand, there was a beautiful story i read once about a goose who was in love with a farm girl. (haha i love these trans-species romances. the little prince and his rose, anyone?) 

anyway the goose was so besotted with the girl that he gorged on the wine the girl brought everyday, despite knowing that it was to fatten up his liver for foie gras

when it eventually died, the person who consumed the foie gras tasted love when he ate the dish.. sounds kinda dumb but i expected to suddenly have a relevation while eating this course.

it's kinda like chawan mushi.. in rich chicken stock that is making me thirsty even now.. not sure if it's because of the love story but i loved this dish. not sure how to explain the taste.. haha, the taste of love?

char grilled wagyu rump & cheek ragout

this was the main i picked.

parents had fish instead as both don't eat beef:-

sole fillet with scallop & jus

i sampled some of mum's fish.. er.. cabbage taste.

the scallops were delicious though, fresh & Q!

wow my top is super girly.. guess who bought it? :D

i liked the medium rare wagyu rump (hehe eating cow butt XDD) but not the ragout. the taste was a bit strong for me. didn't even finish it, and there wasn't much to begin with!

the artistic dollop of mashed potatoes was also average.

chocolate mousse glace with vanilla & orange ice cream

mum was pissed at the half moon mousse-- can't they give us one?! so kiam siap

haha well we did get one at Sage. plus Sage's dessert left a much deeper impression on me. this was only so-so. the mousse was kinda blended with ice cream? whatever, i don't really like desserts with chocolate coating like this one (or the skin on the new Sbux Noir/ Chocolate Tuxedo)

ended our atas lunch with chamomile tea.

their coffee smells awesome but i didn't want to further mess up my sleep cycle.

business was quite good there, with all tables on my floor taken.

after lunch i'd wanted to pay with my entry-level debit card, much to parents' amusement, but mum ended up using her atas credit card 'because i want the points' haha! i just might be able to have new earrings soon ^-^


if you're like me, not atas but wanna try atas things (wow i love using that word, makes me feel like i'm funny or something), this is a worthwhile experience at rm150nett pp. or just go to Sage, which is actually cheaper with better food (rm100nett pp).

also bear in mind that when the waiters ask if you prefer sparkling or still water, both are bottled, imported, excessively marked up stuff you don't need. just ask for normal water. your wallet and mother earth will thank you for it. i had some atas water which didn't taste any different from the bawah version i was served after the bottle finished.

=the end=

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