Monday, 20 June 2011

happy father's day :))

the thing with watching too much we got married is that it romanticizes me like crazy, and i feel the NEED to prepare an 'event' for every special occasion that arises.

next Friday we'll be trying Cilantro if all goes well, so for today it was just a simple economy rice dinner with cake, as dad was still recovering from his illness thus didn't feel like dining out. i was glad because the crowds were mad!

Fann asked, 'why do we need a candle? it's not even dad's birthday!'

but candles are so festive!

our festivities were rather chop-chop though.

we gobbled down our economy rice in silence, with me attempting to make conversation by talking about.. economy rice.

then step #2:- dad says a wish aloud ['i hope for my son to become a dragon and my daughters to become phoenixes']

step #3:- dad makes a silent wish

step #4:- dad blows out candle

step #5:- photo time with the kids!

the evil brother

the filial daughter [wah, self-praise-ing XDD] but i paid for everything! so there!

step #6:- we ate the entire cake, starting by picking the fruit slices off the top of the cake with our fingers. Coco had beef and vegetables dog food today instead of her usual biscuits.


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