Monday, 13 June 2011

most beautiful days of my life

biggest dog i have been up close & personal with

recently have been missing Inner Mongolia a lot.

maybe it's because i have resigned from my post at Boulevard and now have some time on my hands.

or maybe all that cold hours cooped up indoors have made me miss the vastness and freedom of being in Inner Mongolia, where all i had to do was laugh, eat, snap photos and marvel at the magnificence of that wonderful place.

i was flipping through dad's chinese geography some time ago and came across a write up of Sun Kim Hua's Home, a hostel we stayed at during our trip. it's run by a warm and friendly family of Chinese-Russians and definitely a highlight of our trip.

although my friends didn't think i could take the back-to-basics lifestyle [see above photo of refilling a water bottle].. i survived.. and had a blast!

those were some of the best days of my life and i miss them so, so much.


Shu said...

Nice pics. Lurve yr geek glasses.

LiShian♥ said...

like your post
bring me there next time ^-^