Friday, 24 June 2011

new look

jang jang!

i have a huge, unbelievably extensive makeup collection so every morning i have to decide what to poison my face with. (makeup is evil to your skin but i really can't meet my friends barefaced! i only go out au naturel when i'm only with immediate family)

i finally managed to perfect framing my entire eyes in liner *proud* *proud*
it's still not obvious as my lids just 'eats up' all my makeup when i open my eyes.. but i'm happy ^-^
plus my skin is slowly clearing :D

fann hates this look though. but he dislikes everything except nude makeup.
so i'll still be wearing this look for the rest of the year i think.
so glad i didn't throw away my m.a.c. eyeliner brush :))

p/s. but seriously my lips! has anybody ever heard of lip-reduction surgery?

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jenQker said...

dun be an idiot... ur lips are fine.