Tuesday, 21 June 2011

the odd guy

yesterday i took the bus home as Fann was busy.

as i was struggling to stay awake (my sleeping cycle is also screwed), this obese man boarded the bus and sat near me.

a guy opposite him seemed really surprised to have seen an obese man-- he widened his eyes, gaped, and finally blurted, while pointing at the obese man's bulging middle, 'is that your fat?!'

walau eh. quite weird.


served a handsome man who resembles Hyun Bin at Starbucks today.

cute ^-^

also tried the new Black Sesame Green Tea Cream with Soy milk today. now it's my new fave beverage. (if you like green tea, the black sesame taste overpowers the green tea, so you may wanna stick to normal Green Tea Cream)

i'll try making Soy Black Sesame Cream tomorrow. yum yum!

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