Monday, 27 June 2011

opening => gathering

haha silly me! just learned how to snap iPhone screen shots!

check out my hot background of GD & TOP!

and my even hotter lock screen of a sultry Son Ga In for nylon. maximum love.


went to a high school classmate's beauty saloon opening today.

we were the Good Girls of class 4a3 in 2005 *^-^* along with Xian, Winnie and Shin Xuan?

jin wah aka lavender has been giving facials for a couple of years, and now she has her own parlor!

when i see her all busy and mature with her 2 assistants, i feel a twinge of guilt-- she is already supporting her family while i'm sucking mine dry. (for the first time ever, dad couldn't finish a hike today.. and he has been erupting into violent coughs fairly often now. these things are giving me frown lines :( )

anyway, for people who enjoys facials, her Infinite Beauty Centre is located at Taman Midah.

hui chian, night glare-medium using noel app

i was so surprised when i arrived-- all these ex classmates whom i have not set eyes on since graduation! everybody was there! it was like a reunion party!

some of us took off to old town for a yam cha session afterwards.

i had some kaya and butter toasts with condensed milk as i was missing similar buns from HK.. but it wasn't good even by malaysian standards.

 me, star filter-medium using noel app

omgosh i heart noel app so, so much!

you can make your photos bling bling or bubble-blur, too cute! Ga In's photo on my lock screen is bling bling!

wearing my new shirt.. courtesy of mum.. it looks kinda cheap, though! ahh~ mum is buying me clothes left, right & centre, how am i going to lug them all to sydney?! (now she is considering flying with me but i don't think that's a good idea because

1. we'll fight
2. she has no place to sleep
3. i'll look like a big, useless baby
4. i'll find it harder to adapt without my family (i already know i'll miss everybody her like crazy!))

please admire my perfectly lined eyes HAHAHAHAHA

seriously i almost beh tahan myself, every 2 days post similar picture of my lined eyes but i'm just brimming with pleasure every time i line my eyes nicely. i feel like i can take on the world after my eyes are lined! 

diva cross, star filter-light

just because i love noel app so much.. this is my newest accessory.

i wanted to get one in real gold but earrings come first so this will do instead.

daddy get well soon. good night

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