Thursday, 30 June 2011

petal soft skin

in May i bought a couple Body Shop body lotions.. and finished a bottle a few days ago!

walau eh, do i, like, drink them or something?!

anyway the range has probably been discontinued (sadness.. it smells heavenly, and people always ask how i smell so good when i'm using it)

now i'm using bottle #2

the body shop moroccan rose body milk, rm 55

i first sniffed this on a friend in Melbourne-- she was dropping by my apartment to give me some homemade mango sago dessert and i was immediately, '' wow, what's that fragrance? it smells awesome!''

i'm obsessed with scents. and the first day i used this i could hardly stop taking deep breaths so i can inhale this amazing aroma.


during breakfast the next day mum wrinkled her nose and told me my new perfume sucked. 

every time mum criticizes how i smell (she hates Vera Wang Princess) i change said item promptly because i know we might end up fighting over this.

so when i passed by Etude House in 1U on Monday, i bought this

etude house petit bijou cotton snow intensive care cream, rm 23.90

the second i saw the for-baby-ish packaging i was sold.

it smells like baby powder, another plus.

this is also the bomb, my maid was like, ''what's that smell? it smells like flowers!''

and mum must like it too because she didn't complain ^-^

very pleased with my progress to being The Girl Who Smells Good yaay!

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