Monday, 20 June 2011


1. the first thing i see every morning:-

my beloved iPhone 4.. to switch off the alarm

2. the biggest thing that happened to me recently:-

i guess gearing up to go to Sydney in less than a month's time is the biggest thing right now.

3. my best mirror shot:-

i don't really take mirror shots.. it's an i-love-this-outfit-too-much occasion for every mirror shot.

this was from December, in Hotel Michael in Singapore, feeling happy about my new Pull & Bear tank & Uniqlo cardigan :D

(this is my usual style.. mum went clothes-shopping in Johor again, and y'all should see the frilly, pale pink, bejeweled lace dress with glittery ribbons she selected for me [pengsan] it's going to be gifted to her friend's daughter)

4. the person/people i see most in a week:-

actually it's probably my maid. but i don't have her photo and i don't feel like taking one. because i hate how she sifts through my garbage even after i warned her not to.

some days i don't see anybody at all. but now that i depend on Fann to shuttle me to and from work, i guess i see him most.

6. my favorite meal:-

i love home cooked food. real home cooked food, not my mum's cheat-version of heating up tinned food and serving them in pretty bowls.

the last home food i had was prepared by Aunt Penny and ahma at ahma's home last Sunday. when i ate the simple lunch, i was very moved, and my heart went 'ahh~~' in a happy and satisfied way. 

(the food in the shot is from Kent's home last December though)

i have been eating out since i was 16.. and admittedly my eating habits have worsened recently (cookies for every dinner? for more than a month? what was i thinking?!). my skin has never been so bad that people ask me if i'm under a lot of stress.. so to have people pose that question to me is a huge SHOCKER!!

if this keeps up i'm gonna lose what mum calls my 'last asset'!!

7. the color of my eyes:-

very black. this was from last October, after i chopped off the last of my bleached hair. argh i miss my skin!

(nicked this post idea from Serene XDD)

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