Friday, 17 June 2011

they call me auntie!

my first niece Zyan just had her full moon :))

that's her lovely mum with makeup on one eye. we were visiting her and had an impromptu makeup demo hehe

ash says i should wear more makeup since i'm still young enough to carry everything off :DD

actually i do wear a lot of makeup but my eyelids are inner double, which means whenever i open my eyes, all my hard work disappears into the folds of my lids.

am contending cutting my lids but i've heard that it's not permanent-- after awhile your eyelids will droop and it's back to square one [not counting risk of infection etc].

since working, i've felt that we should live on the edge more-- whenever Fann asks me, 'should i get a mohawk aka TaeYang?' or 'i wanna copy GD's hairstyle from Love Song', i always encourage him to go for TaeYang's look, though GD is the current love of my life.

'girl~ i need a girl'

i mean, more conventional hairstyles can always be had after he starts his corporate life.

live while you can!

though going out alone can sometimes feel daunting, i did a lot of that in Melbourne. it usually turns out fun, but as i'm a morning person and is usually tired out by 11pm, partying was limited. i also take a century to warm up to people, so i don't really have a fixed group of buddies-- i just play with everybody, usually whoever i'm with. a pity that i gained like a billion pounds and refused to snap any photos during my year there.

i wasn't fazed about going to Sydney but people kept gasping, 'you're going alone?! with no permanent accommodation found?!' until i'm starting to feel the slightest tug of apprehension. but seriously i know i'm gonna be fine :)) and it's gonna be fun!

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