Tuesday, 14 June 2011

tony moly

jang jang!

recently i went to Johor for grandpa's 80th and saw Tony Moly at Batu Pahat Mall. my mood went from surprise => elation => annoyance.


surprise-- Tony Moly is a Korean brand and i don't even see them much in Hong Kong, so to stumble upon it at BP Mall, as opposed to, say, Pavilion.. shocker!

elation => still i was very happy as i can now buy Tony Moly stuff after a 4-hour drive instead of a 4-hour flight :DD

annoyance => after while i was a bit pissed as i had just bought a hot pink lipstick from Tony Moly in HK and was feeling rather smug about it's cute one-of-a-kind-ness. every time i buy something from HK, it surfaces in Malaysia the next month. so ish!!

i wanted to buy something from Tony Moly as i heart the Brown Eyed Girls who front their campaigns--

especially Son Ga In!!!

she's SOOO pretty! currently obsessed with her as i'm watching We Got Married. there's news online that GD once asked her out.. they would be perfect together!

still she's adorable with Kwonnie too :DD

i love fake reality shows.. every single tiny normal thing seems so.. amplified and romantic on tv XDD

i bought this Self Smoky Eye Collection because i wanna be like Son Ga In!! never seen without her smoky eyes!! it's a bit pricey at rm89.90 but i get 10% off with their membership card [thanks Yuki!]

haha this is what i wore to work today!! some more am opening barista today. looked like i didn't take off my makeup after a night of partying / getting ready to feng tao!!!

tried out my new Leme app. i might get a white iPhone in Sydney so Tao can use my beloved iPhone here [since i have to continue paying for it for 2 years]

this is my lovely eyeliner-cum-eye-shadow.

i selected the Wine shade as i already have Grey and Brown shades.

ooh a bit crooked but here's the gel eyeliner. very normal, kinda like the Maybelline one i bought a few weeks ago [sheesh, what's with all this stocking-up-on-makeup all of a sudden?!] but more lasting.

the brush is attached but i hardly use it as i clean my brushes after every use and they need to be air-dried.

hehe i am so delighted with my purchases!!

i also bought a bottle of Milk Hand Cream for rm29.90 :)) Tony Moly has heaps of cutesy stuff but i only use skincare packaged in bottles [no jars!] as i hate getting product under my nails when i dig them out. the scent is very 'baby' and powdery.. probably won't annoy Fann who despises my current hand cream so much i can never moisturize my hands in his car.

and the newest item to join my exploding wardrobe--


a Coach bag from my parents, just back from their holiday at Shantou!

i'm not a Coach girl but this is kinda pretty, all bling bling and glittery :))

a pointless post but i adore writing about stuff that makes me happy.. kinda like reliving the entire shopping process all over again

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