Thursday, 28 July 2011

i turned 22.. and fat!

soy caffe latte, campos coffee

we kick-started the day with lovely coffees from the snug little Campos Coffee in Newtown, where the lines can get ridiculous!

to be honest i cannot rate what constitutes a good coffee, but i know when i taste a bad one.

this is definitely not bad.

it was the perfect start to my 22nd birthday!

haha am still pleased with my age.. not sure if my pleasure at birthdays will continue..

Eunice and i are both obsessed with our iPhone 4s!

we spent the first 15 minutes in the cafe checking in, snapping photos, tweeting, updating our statuses, whatsapp-ing various people, facebooking.. it's quite vulgar, really, in such a quaint little cafe, too!

but in the end we had a good long chat over our lattes.. i don't think i have talked so much with a person in a long, looong time. i felt quite auntie, really.

we shared our experiences about living away from home-- the hideous people we met (who bitched and stole money), stories about our friends.. i guess only today did i feel the change in Eunice-- she is a different person from the one who left for Melbourne 1 1/2 years ago!

when i returned home after a year in Melbourne most people were surprised both by my physical change.. and the lack of psychological (?) change. hmm~

anyway we decided to go to Chat Thai for lunch.

all Sydney-siders know Chat Thai as the uber popular restaurant(s) which require booking a week in advance for weekday meals and a fortnight for weekends.

however, as it was my birthday and they were bowled over by my radiant 22-year-old glow, they kindly made an exception and offered us a tiny table.

ok i lied.

we had to 'sign in' on a guestbook at the door and wait for our numbers to be called like mere mortals that we are.

the compact counter with like, 100 chefs and the most mouth-watering aroma

my birthday playmate!

the wait wasn't as bad as i'd imagined.. maybe because we were busy cam-whoring! and checking in! and updating our statuses! you get the idea!

no. 52 the 'equivalent' of tomyam

i think it is onion broth. delicious onion broth. oh gosh i want to catch the night train now in the cold to Chat Thai!!

water.. the question is-- drinking water / hand washing water?!!

i thought this was very cute but Eunice had to spend a full 3 minutes convincing me it is actually meant to be drunk and not for dipping my fingers into.

guess what?

jang jang~

it's.. sticky rice! which is just glutinous rice.

it's actually more than enough for 2 people. we ordered too much!


crying tiger

it's actually beef instead of tiger meat.

i believe it's illegal to consume tiger meat in Australia.

it's one of the signature dishes here BUT (this is quite serious as i'm using CAPS instead of the usual italics.) IT WAS OVERDONE!

the description promised a medium rare center but it tasted like slabs of wood.

so we complained but the manager actually tried to weasel her way out of giving us a new dish by first claiming that it was supposed to taste like that (hel-lo?!) then switching tacks and saying it was due to the fact that they serve thicker slices of meat at lunchtime (wtf?!)

Eunice informed her that she has had the exact same dish at lunchtime before and it didn't taste like rubber.

we got a new serve which was better but not fantastic.

i really wanna try their desserts though.


after lunch we set off to Circular Quay to catch a ferry to Macquarie Lighthouse but we missed the last ferry!

so we went to..

the cafe next to Guylian cafe

the lines here are also.. long enough to inspire me to sample their goods. (aiyo, so outdated, people use Urbanspoon now, not visual assessment of lines!)

nudie juice

i thought Nudie Juice was some special beverage.. sekali it was bottled juice =.=''

mixed berries tart

are you drooling yet?! ooh seriously i am too satisfied with this shot and my selection of pastry! (when in doubt, always copy the order in front of you.)

the quintessential birthday cake with candle 


when Eunice returned.. she came with this!

i wished for

1. a good career
2. world peace (sigh i wish for this every year but still..)

the 3rd must remain a secret.. if not it won't come true *^-^*

very happy birthday, with all the thoughtful greets from everywhere :)

off to shower now with a grateful heart despite the fact that my parents were too busy celebrating the arrival of their new awesome BMW to remember my birthday *sulks a bit*

but still i love everybody! :D thanks!

Monday, 25 July 2011

bent st bazaar

a park in Sydney

yesterday i decided to go ambling before Maybelle and her friend Jasmine came for the night.

traveling around Sydney is puke-blood-inducing-ly expensive but i discovered the Sunday Family Funday ticket! it lets you take unlimited train rides at only a$2.50/day. compare that with the a$3.20 single trip ticket to the next stop!

bent st bazaar

on weekends i've been going to markets (because they usually only run on weekends).

this market is actually at a shopping block next to a cricket ground.

i was a bit confused over the bus prices but i met the kindest driver who patiently clarified all my queries and gave me a map! ah~ i'm feeling for Sydney what i never felt for Melbourne!

mojo picon

there wasn't much at the small market-- some lovely baby trinkets but i don't have one and my nephew Nathan's mama does her own sewing so nothing for me to buy.

decided to have Spanish for lunch-- this stall's garlic prawns look absolutely divine but i had a Mojo Roll instead (Austin Powers!! haha i love the name!) as seafood exacerbate my crappy skin condition!

 mojo roll

ah but i should have opted for the prawns because the lady having them next to me kept praising them!

plus am not a huge fan of cured meats!

anyway my preferred markets are still Glebe Markets and Bondi Markets.

all because Glebe has this beautiful Korean tea set which i can't buy because i'm not a tea person.. but Bondi has good views-- the sea, sand.. and the boys. plus my new go-to necklace brand is there. my Belle & Peace necklace is the only item i wear more than my earrings! gosh i love Belle & Peace so much!

one of the MANY Thai restaurants in Newtown

it was great to meet fellow Malaysians after so long! (parents-- what do you mean 'so long'? it's only been less than 3 weeks!)

the charming Maybelle

gee how small her face is!

tom yum mushroom soup, a$4.90

the food was quite reasonably priced, and quite tasty too.

it was crowded and the noise was totally Malaysian--i almost had to shout to communicate with Maybs, who was seated opposite me!

green curry

the green curry was very sweet-- Westernized for the Aussies.

Jasmine knew like only a thousand eateries worth going to in Newtown.. haha by the time i finish checking them all out, i'll need to overhaul my wardrobe!

have a safe flight Maybs!

Sunday, 24 July 2011


thank-you gift from housemate :)

a few days ago, as i stepped gratefully into home, finally escaping the incessant drizzle that has been plaguing Sydney for the past week, i heard this about-to-die voice croaking, ''min..''

i froze, being a superstitious scaredy cat and all, heart thumping like crazy and not daring to breathe. (i wonder how i survived all those siao nights in high school where i was locked in toilets alone-- i honestly have 0 guts!)

after a few more ''min''s i figured that--

1. it wasn't my imagination
2. it wasn't a ghost
3. it was my housemate.

turned out was he was nearly dead from a raging fever and asked me to pop out to buy some medicine for him.

when i was sick in Melbourne 2 years ago i cried for 2 weeks straight from the sheer misery of it all (somehow i forgot that people got better from taking medicine, not crying nonstop) so i felt extremely sorry for him.

after i found some Panadol for him at the neighborhood shops, i got him some water and made him a cup of honey.

he was so moved, saying that nobody had ever made him anything during his 2 years in Sydney! which really goes to show.. not everybody is as nice as i am (haha shameless self-promotion!)

if this were a Malaysian version of a K-drama (i am incoherent again) he would be a Malaysian who looks like a drug addict with small eyes and straight teeth and we will fall in love but in real life.. i just pray that i don't fall ill because it's every person for him/herself when you're away from home! 

Friday, 22 July 2011


if i can summarize the past few days in a single photo, it would be this-- lining up to eat free food in the sharp chill.

orientation was in full swing, and classes start next week.

spent the past few days attending transition classes which drilled into me the basic message of, 'you procrastinate, you DIE so horribly your ghost can't even recognize your corpse!' 

it was fun meeting new people though. got to know a bubbly Taiwanese girl who's so adorable! what's up with Sydney-siders? why all so lovely-looking?! i swear i have never seen so many beautiful people in one city!

even most of the chinese are nice.. except when they shove, which seriously irritates me.

so my little holiday is over for now.. until maybs visit on Sunday! haha~

Thursday, 21 July 2011

life in photos

a couple more shots of my lovely abode~ (when did i start talking like that??)

on Saturday the head photographer from The Au Review will come to help take pro shots of my room, which i'm subletting on Airbnb.

Johnny Au's photos look really artistic online, so i can't wait to see his take on my current home!

this is me.. outside one of the many glorious sandstone buildings at uni.

it's not a very good photo-- sorry but most chinese's photography skills leave much to be desired. (my housemate is nice but she made a wise choice in studying Masters of International Law instead of something.. photography-related)

anyway she must be like super intelligent to be doing such a degree!

(the Thai boy is doing Medical Studies! what is this?! household of smart?! i feel so ashamed to be studying something as flighty as marketing, really!)

but actually i'm not as idiotic as i think i am, because i passed my first test before the semester has even begun!

it's a compulsory test to gauge our critical thinking skills-- if you pass, you'll be waived from taking the Academic and Professional Communication unit! i really wanted to pass because i graduated from a university which prides itself on critical analysis-- so i would look stupid if i flunked.

plus i didn't really want to do a unit with such a weird name! now i can pick something fun instead!

anyway we went to The Rocks a couple of days ago, guided by a few kesian volunteers.

it was cold, windy and rainy-- the type of weather that keeps me in the Malaysian warmth of my room instead of popping out to buy groceries like i should.

met Silvia, the cutest girly girl ever! i swear, Sydney girls are mostly petite, skinny and pretty! 99.99% of them!

nothing much at the Rocks, but a brief photo session with the Opera House.

everybody seems to be chinese (and they are all absolutely charmed when they learn i can communicate in Mandarin too).

i don't think there are many Malaysians doing my course, it's been a fortnight and i've met 0 Malaysians.

there are 2 Koreans, a guy and a girl. i remember this distinctively because the girl was wearing a micro mini and heels in this weather that's SAD-inducing! (Seasonal Affective Disorder)


am receiving my first guest this Sunday!

hehe i feel like i'm operating a guesthouse! (which i am, sort of.)

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

cockatoo island


悉尼的代表呀!! harbour bridge!


昨天的 itinerary 是去 cockatoo island。

cockatoo island 是在 sydney harbour 最大的岛,也是 unesco world heritage site 噢

它以前是监牢,后来加工厂让 convicts 建船。




我个人不是 water baby,较喜欢陆地踏实的感觉,但看到这么美~ 翻~ 天~ 的景色,可以了解为何有些人这么向往住在水边。


由於肚子太饿了,先去 canteen 找东西吃。

绝对不要怀疑,那是我今生吃过最难吃的 cheeseburger。




在船站有免费地图,可以拿来跟着自己 explore。

其实我在买汉堡时,那 cashier 就告诉我,‘it's really boring here!’


有点像 perth 的 jail。。感觉上随时会有 decepticons 跑出来杀我。






这是爬上 plateau 的景色。

耶~ 又是我喜欢的。。度假屋!

其实我有住过 melbourne 的度假屋,真的是与我们东方人的度假方式很不同!

基本上洋人就赖在度假屋看那里的书或 dvd。。出外郊游。。泡泡 jacuzzi。。而且还会在家煮饭!

说到饭。。我又饿了!! 无时无刻这么饿是怎样啦?!!!





好,继续欣赏可爱的度假屋 (百分百跳 tone ing)


浪漫景色-- tick。

恐怖元素 (可以导致牵手 + 觉得男友很 man) -- tick。


(好啦我懂大家比较关心我有没有与 beach boy 搭上,哈哈。。可惜答案是没有)




干~ 怎么越大越丑。

但这就是我现在的 look,别再问我体重了! 我没钱买秤啦!


这是 captain mann 的家。。他与他太太。。还有 11 个女儿住在着!!

11 位耶!!



其实我会觉得这些 cranes 有破坏美感,但它们也是古董噢!


还有,澳洲的鸟都特凶的! (跳 tone 女又来了)

傍晚。。搭 ferry 回家咯

这张图中间那些灯是 luna park,这里的 amusement park!


最近又下雨了 :( 冻死我了!

看老公的照片温暖自己! (我是变态 fangirl 啊~)