Monday, 25 July 2011

bent st bazaar

a park in Sydney

yesterday i decided to go ambling before Maybelle and her friend Jasmine came for the night.

traveling around Sydney is puke-blood-inducing-ly expensive but i discovered the Sunday Family Funday ticket! it lets you take unlimited train rides at only a$2.50/day. compare that with the a$3.20 single trip ticket to the next stop!

bent st bazaar

on weekends i've been going to markets (because they usually only run on weekends).

this market is actually at a shopping block next to a cricket ground.

i was a bit confused over the bus prices but i met the kindest driver who patiently clarified all my queries and gave me a map! ah~ i'm feeling for Sydney what i never felt for Melbourne!

mojo picon

there wasn't much at the small market-- some lovely baby trinkets but i don't have one and my nephew Nathan's mama does her own sewing so nothing for me to buy.

decided to have Spanish for lunch-- this stall's garlic prawns look absolutely divine but i had a Mojo Roll instead (Austin Powers!! haha i love the name!) as seafood exacerbate my crappy skin condition!

 mojo roll

ah but i should have opted for the prawns because the lady having them next to me kept praising them!

plus am not a huge fan of cured meats!

anyway my preferred markets are still Glebe Markets and Bondi Markets.

all because Glebe has this beautiful Korean tea set which i can't buy because i'm not a tea person.. but Bondi has good views-- the sea, sand.. and the boys. plus my new go-to necklace brand is there. my Belle & Peace necklace is the only item i wear more than my earrings! gosh i love Belle & Peace so much!

one of the MANY Thai restaurants in Newtown

it was great to meet fellow Malaysians after so long! (parents-- what do you mean 'so long'? it's only been less than 3 weeks!)

the charming Maybelle

gee how small her face is!

tom yum mushroom soup, a$4.90

the food was quite reasonably priced, and quite tasty too.

it was crowded and the noise was totally Malaysian--i almost had to shout to communicate with Maybs, who was seated opposite me!

green curry

the green curry was very sweet-- Westernized for the Aussies.

Jasmine knew like only a thousand eateries worth going to in Newtown.. haha by the time i finish checking them all out, i'll need to overhaul my wardrobe!

have a safe flight Maybs!

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