Monday, 18 July 2011

bondi markets

bondi markets

yesterday was a Sunday, the only day when Bondi markets run, so i bundled up in a weird outfit and set out.

very charmed as usual by the double decker trains! (no photos as my iPhone was being stupid)

i managed to find my way-- i noticed i have been managing to do stuff i never would if Fann was here! like assembling my heater. *proud* *proud*

bondi beach public school

the market is held at Bondi Beach Public School, and on the walk there (i got off the bus too early!) you can see Bondi Beach, which is really pretty. it's not overrated.

no photos as when i finally got my iPhone to behave it started raining =.=

use your imagination. or use google.

of course i saw like only a thousand items i coveted-- vintage denim jackets mainly. i try to skim over everything on display quickly as i know if i stop, i'm doomed to buy.

however, i did see something so pretty i went back for it after exiting the market for lunch. their markets aren't as food focused as ours, which makes for a clean shopping environment but i prefer ours!

simple menu at gabby's cafe, bondi beach

i ate here not because it's famous or anything, but just for the fact that their sign advertised Eggs Benedict, which i had always wanted to try.

i sat outdoors, which was quite cozy with the heating and funny clear plastic sheet/tent protecting diners from the cold but still offering something of a view. 

it reminds me of the soju joints in k-dramas actually (ish, always thinking of k dramas)

eggs benedict description


when i saw it i thought the white mounds were cream cheese or something!

poached eggs

but once you stab it with your fork the yolk runs out.

wow, i wonder how they cook this~

it was too salty for my liking though, and i eat a lot of salt!

after lunch i walked back to Bondi markets to get this--

belle & peace sterling silver necklace

i know i swore off silver and necklaces but the girl selling them looked so pretty with hers on.

plus the chain is so fine it doesn't get caught in my hair, which i absolutely LOATHE.

 customs house, circular quay

here are shots of artistic buildings around the city ^-^

customs house

i don't know what building this is

half the time i just amble around lost, but once i get to George St i can get my bum home without help from Google Maps on iPhone :D a sign of settling down?

now that my room is as hot as Malaysia, am content most of the time. (i didn't even need to buy an electric blanket-- 2 heaters running at max temperature 24/7 also does the trick *^-^*)

i mean, these are the last few days before semester starts and my timetable comes out and i need to get a job, so i'm enjoying my time here checking out the sights. quite lucky, really.

plus.. jang jang!

toffee apple!

spotted this at woolsworth last night and bought it immediately even though it wasn't on special.

i've been crazy about toffee apples ever since my first one when i was a little girl (thanks to aunt Vela who bought them from Perth!)

hehe just thinking about toffee apples is too nice :D

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