Saturday, 9 July 2011

day 1 in Sydney


thought i was gonna keel over and die from my luggage, all bloody 40kg of them.

am i crazy?!

then i saw Paul, whom i shall name my future son after haha.

felt better.

bought my new white iPhone.

felt even better.

then Paul brought me to eat macaroons.

haha mood UP UP!!

but poor Paul macam wanna die from all the waiting around as i set up my bank account & compared iPhone prices. even buying soap and shampoo.. i also need to compare! what is wrong with me?!

all the booze i didn't drink

haha dear cousin Paul says i should take a ride on the wild side, since my image is already like that.

don't know why people think i party hard, i'm like an old lady trapped in a 22-year-old body!

perhaps i should live up to my image a bit hehe

peace & quiet, macaroons, chocolate mousse with ganache, deep fried dough with cream

 somebody eating a macaroon like a burger XD

what is Paul doing in my room?! lol

for a guy who shuns even cleanser, he sure likes my boots! hehe

now it's time to go and find some lunch and then inspect a house ^-^


Serenely said...

glad paul was able to help ease the transition in

MiN said...

haha yeah i would have died if not for him! with the ridiculous amount of luggage i have