Tuesday, 5 July 2011

the journey..

.. to obesity, that is. 

yesterday i checked my reflection in the side view mirror while Jia Wen was driving us home in my car. (i was driving too slow and the girls were all going nuts!)

am getting fat. but can you blame me?

here's my schedule since Saturday:-

dinner with dear cousins and my family.

no it's not my birthday :) though that is a lovely red velvet cake.

evil Suanie has instilled in me a burning desire to see Red Center and shout 'aisteru!' (ok the second part is inspired by crying out love in the center of the world, a Japanese movie with an epic beginning-- can you imagine listening to the first sentence in a movie and straight away crying?)

on Sunday..

bbq at home with the sbux crazies :D

confession:- i hate hate hate hate HATE hosting large parties at home.

but it was awesome because they all took care of themselves and cooked for me muahaha.

really, all i had to do was make space at home by parking my car outside. and show them the toilet. and prepare bowls, cutlery, chairs, tables, water, ice, a fan.

they brought food, music, bbq pits, skewers, drinks, plates, cups.. and Jyn Weii baked us a chocolate fudge cake mm~

this must be the best (and most stress-free) party i'd ever hosted.

see the cake!!! sooo cute!! they spelled my name with a <3 using.. candy canes!!

ooh i'd never seen anything so sweet in my life!! (don't say, ''that's 'cause you haven't seen much'')

this is the baker.. seriously he is just so nice! Sau Yee and i were chatting yesterday and we were both like, ''gee, why is he so kind?!''

the marshmallows were so good! the person who toasted them is a bloody genius!

raf the traitor!!

i hate taking photos wearing specs so i indulge in a bit of aegyo when i have to take pictures in glasses.

haha i think what made everything so easy and happy was because the partners are all like Lali-- on a constant high for no apparent reason.

this is how i look like when i take photos in specs without doing my cute pose haha

ugliness immortalized on Facebook!

this guy is also the biggest flirt on earth.

my manager used to ask my supervisor to separate us at work-- if i'm doing dishes, he should be at the cashier etc. because he was just too much lol. 

thanks for the tumbler!

an example of sbux 005 spirit:- they're delighted just to be lying down on the (very dirty) floor of the 'basketball court' at home, having their photo taken. haha beh tahan!!

i'm glad we got along even if they disliked the first impression i gave.

people usually don't like me when they first meet me anyway, sad but true. the funny thing is i don't change after getting to know people, but they just accept and even find amusement in the things that tick them off in the first place.



Sau Yee bought me lunch at Fong Lye and i bought her Chatime ^-^

haha so paiseh keep getting belanja-ed. thanks!!

at night..

dinner with the Girl Scouts i grew up with <3

we finally had Korean food!!

also laughed a lot. thought i was going to throw up from all the laughing.



Jiun dropped by this morning to give me some chocolate and blueberry muffins she baked last night :)

thanks again! am so moved!


all this constant dining out on rich foods is making me fat!

but people being so nice makes me wonder if i'm going to die. (gee i'm so weird.) the word 'farewell' just makes me feel.. uneasy and a tad drama, since i'm hoping to be back in 6 months for Chinese New Year.

plus when people make mini speeches i feel like i'm seeing my own funeral or something. 

grabbing a Ramly with Sue Han at Sunway later before my last girly sleepover at Penny's. she'll be flying to UK soon so i really can't foresee the next one. they'll get drunk at shout at each other and everything will be back to normal *^-^*


a last quick gloat, ahma called to ask me to take care, which really touched me. i love you ahma! for remembering that i'm leaving even when you're so far away!

ahh~ the world is filled with LOVE

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