Thursday, 21 July 2011

life in photos

a couple more shots of my lovely abode~ (when did i start talking like that??)

on Saturday the head photographer from The Au Review will come to help take pro shots of my room, which i'm subletting on Airbnb.

Johnny Au's photos look really artistic online, so i can't wait to see his take on my current home!

this is me.. outside one of the many glorious sandstone buildings at uni.

it's not a very good photo-- sorry but most chinese's photography skills leave much to be desired. (my housemate is nice but she made a wise choice in studying Masters of International Law instead of something.. photography-related)

anyway she must be like super intelligent to be doing such a degree!

(the Thai boy is doing Medical Studies! what is this?! household of smart?! i feel so ashamed to be studying something as flighty as marketing, really!)

but actually i'm not as idiotic as i think i am, because i passed my first test before the semester has even begun!

it's a compulsory test to gauge our critical thinking skills-- if you pass, you'll be waived from taking the Academic and Professional Communication unit! i really wanted to pass because i graduated from a university which prides itself on critical analysis-- so i would look stupid if i flunked.

plus i didn't really want to do a unit with such a weird name! now i can pick something fun instead!

anyway we went to The Rocks a couple of days ago, guided by a few kesian volunteers.

it was cold, windy and rainy-- the type of weather that keeps me in the Malaysian warmth of my room instead of popping out to buy groceries like i should.

met Silvia, the cutest girly girl ever! i swear, Sydney girls are mostly petite, skinny and pretty! 99.99% of them!

nothing much at the Rocks, but a brief photo session with the Opera House.

everybody seems to be chinese (and they are all absolutely charmed when they learn i can communicate in Mandarin too).

i don't think there are many Malaysians doing my course, it's been a fortnight and i've met 0 Malaysians.

there are 2 Koreans, a guy and a girl. i remember this distinctively because the girl was wearing a micro mini and heels in this weather that's SAD-inducing! (Seasonal Affective Disorder)


am receiving my first guest this Sunday!

hehe i feel like i'm operating a guesthouse! (which i am, sort of.)

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