Saturday, 2 July 2011

my new love

soy cookies & cream + chicken & mushroom fusili, the coffee bean

yesterday was my last day at Starbucks :'(

today straight away turn traitor and lunched at Coffee Bean hehe

well it was next to the stupid Enrich office. you'd never believe how appalling their service is! *speechless*

anyway after i finally got my GRADS card i decided to hop on a Putra train to KLCC since i was already at KL Central anyway.

so at 3.10pm i popped into Tiffany & Co. and asked for 'tiny gold ribbon studs'.

after a bit of flurrying around the salesman finally found it!

how do people shop for jewelry anyway?

i'm the type who buys jewelry only when i need them (when my housemate had shrieked in horror, ''min! your ears are turning green!!'' i'd sworn off cheap earrings that rust easily but good ones are pricey!) so before i buy i'll research starting from the cheapest ones online.

i have a pair of gorgeous silver studs but they blacken easily and it costs rm10 to polish them each time.
plus i lost one of the locks (it dropped into the sink hole while i was washing it!!!)
ooh but most people who see them will compliment them. they are that pretty.

anyhow by 3.15pm, after seeing the studs i wanted (i'd inspected them on another trip).. and there wasn't much to do apart from holding them against my ears.. i got the salesman to wrap it up.

total shopping time-- 5 minutes?!

i got a good deal as they'll be marking up their prices from 6-12% on 7 July.

the price increases are in February or July annually, plus they never have sales, which is good.

also it's cheaper to buy Tiffany & Co here compared to Australia.

mum makes me throw jewelry boxes away but i love the Tiffany blue + white ribbon combo too much to ask the salesman not to package it.

plus, the stud needle (?) will dent if you tote it around in your bag sans box.

ooh it's so lovely!

i wonder how they tie the ribbon so beautifully!

*gush* *gush* *gush*

while i was waiting for them to find a new pair, i saw stunning diamond studs.

i'd never liked diamonds, deeming them too flashy and conspicuous but i don't know.. Tiffany just makes everything feel subtly elegant.

heart ^-^

finally.. ja jang!!

aren't they just cute?!

gold doesn't blacken as easily as silver.. and it comes with free cleaning globally anyway.

my Tiffanys *^-^*

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