Sunday, 10 July 2011

new home decisions

inspected a house yesterday.. it's super close to uni and a terrace house, which i'd always wanted to live in, ever since i saw them in Melbourne.

doesn't it just make you feel like some victorian novel's heroine?

don't you wanna live in such a pretty house too?

the room is ok, about half of my old room.. can sleep 3 people actually. (but then there would be no space to move around). the extra space is necessary, seeing as i have so much stuff.

HOWEVER the rent is a bit steep at a$230 per week.

there are other places that i'll check out, starting from a$185 pw, but those are further away from uni.. about 30 minutes walk?

argh i hate making decisions like these!

guess i'll have to recce the other homes first. but my toe nail hurt this morning as i was pulling on my boot to dash to a convenience store to buy food at 5am.. imagine the hunger!

upon inspection it appeared to have unattached itself from the nail bed omg!!

OTOKE?!! so the plan for today is to sit in my room and hope my nail glues itself back.. is this actually normal?


grr i was hopeless at picking a phone plan too, thank goodness for cousins who use logic instead of greed to make decisions.

think '$79 per month free unlimited phone calls and texts!' vs 'you don't call or text much anyway, you only use the net.'

time to nap since i woke at 4am!! walau my warped sleeping cycle after sleeping at 9pm yesterday!

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