Sunday, 24 July 2011


thank-you gift from housemate :)

a few days ago, as i stepped gratefully into home, finally escaping the incessant drizzle that has been plaguing Sydney for the past week, i heard this about-to-die voice croaking, ''min..''

i froze, being a superstitious scaredy cat and all, heart thumping like crazy and not daring to breathe. (i wonder how i survived all those siao nights in high school where i was locked in toilets alone-- i honestly have 0 guts!)

after a few more ''min''s i figured that--

1. it wasn't my imagination
2. it wasn't a ghost
3. it was my housemate.

turned out was he was nearly dead from a raging fever and asked me to pop out to buy some medicine for him.

when i was sick in Melbourne 2 years ago i cried for 2 weeks straight from the sheer misery of it all (somehow i forgot that people got better from taking medicine, not crying nonstop) so i felt extremely sorry for him.

after i found some Panadol for him at the neighborhood shops, i got him some water and made him a cup of honey.

he was so moved, saying that nobody had ever made him anything during his 2 years in Sydney! which really goes to show.. not everybody is as nice as i am (haha shameless self-promotion!)

if this were a Malaysian version of a K-drama (i am incoherent again) he would be a Malaysian who looks like a drug addict with small eyes and straight teeth and we will fall in love but in real life.. i just pray that i don't fall ill because it's every person for him/herself when you're away from home! 

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