Saturday, 16 July 2011

yes and yes

orange almond cake, cicco chocolaterie

nope it wasn't yummy. i think it was gluten free or something (something very big here).

the chocolate truffle drink was good though. sweet, yes, but warming.

the weather is better today. not so cold that i have to dress like an eskimo at home--

i saw my reflection yesterday and lol when i saw that my lips had turned purple from the cold.

if i weren't chubby and if not for the sprinkling of zits on my face, i'll look like a vampire.

i'm as cold as one anyway (when i shake people's hands the warmth stuns me) plus i'm as pale as paper now (yaay!)


anyway during lunch yesterday this Turkish guy invited me for drinks with his friends tomorrow.

it will rain so i may/may not go, depending on how shitty the weather is.

now i shall put on my face and go out wandering.

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Serenely said...

winter will be ending in another month or so. when the sunny weather comes you can enjoy the outdoors a you like! find time to stroll along darling harbour. i find it very relaxng to stroll there in the evenings all scarfed and bundled up, watching the pretty lights in the water. then enjoy a mug of hot chocolate at the lindt cafe along the harbour to warm you up! winter has its cozy moments. get a good heater (no point skimping on this) and a electric blanket... bery shiok to sleep on in winter... mmmm...