Thursday, 18 August 2011

the 1st love lunchbox of my life!

churros for 2

woke from a nightmare at 4am.. probably because my room was too hot, dry and stuffy!

went back to bed and when i woke at 8am, saw that i had a message from Silvia at 4.22am!

she wanted to go eat dessert as she wasn't in the best mood so we decided to go to San Churro at noon.

so weird that we kicked off lunch with dessert XDD

sappho books & cafe

after very normal (aka non-mind-blowing) churros we wandered around Glebe looking for a restaurant for lunch.

upon Urbanspoon's recommendation we decided on Sappho.. which turned out to be one of those quaint institutions which is a bookstore in front with a cafe at the back.

fabulous college atmosphere! food is simple and comfortable.

S didn't like her eggs benedict because she doesn't like hollandaise sauce but i enjoyed my Pumpkin and Ginger Soup with toast and butter thoroughly!

 pumpkin & ginger soup

S talked about her problem all through lunch and i shared a bit of my (sadly, rather limited) experience as well.

hope she feels better :) since i'm always a bit lost myself when my friends feel bad.


jang jang!

the first love lunchbox i prepared in my life.

potato salad + a lonely strawberry (heh) + french truffle chocolates + cabbage and carrot stir fry.

straightforward but cooking these ate up all my makeup time!

so that racks up my barefaced days in Sydney to 5!

the veg cheered S up as she had a craving for Chinese-style stir fry veggies, and i got to use my cute lunchbox (it was crap at keeping food warm, though).

win-win! smiles all around!

then S told Jackie about it and now i have to cook a Malaysian lunchbox for J ;p

holy cow i have never cooked Malaysian before but am looking forward to trying my hand at it :D


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