Saturday, 6 August 2011

adriano zumbo

today is chinese valentine.

ah~ a sad love story of 牛郎 and 织女..

and an even sadder bridget lim sitting in front of her lappie on a saturday night, writing a post that nobody reads while eating sara lee and making a big mess of her already tsunami-swept desk.

(ok i swore off booze after a nasty pub session last week where i passed out after a cosmo.)

some guy cleo interviewed recommended this but it's not very tasty to me.

anyway wanted to post photos of The Day We Had Adriano Zumbo Macaroons aka A Fantastic Day.

on my first day here Paul told me about Adriano Zumbo of Masterchef fame and his macaroons. am not really a macaroon person-- i find them more pretty than yummy-- but i always like trying new stuff just so i can tell people 'i did it lalala'.

so last Saturday Grace (Taiwan), Sylvia (Guangdong), Eunice (Singapore-- okay, kidding, my cousin) and i woke bright and early to go to Adriano Zumbo's patisserie in Balmain, followed by a spin at the Balmain Markets. by bright and early i mean Eunice and i made the other 2 girls wait for a thousand years at Town Hall. seriously i'm late for everything all the time!

finally we got our asses to the patisserie!

step 1-- line up!

the lines at many hot spots in Sydney are quite unbelievable.

we were quite happy despite the line, taking photos left, right, center and basically being very Asian xdd

some of the options.. but we only had eyes for macaroons!

we ordered 1 each, as well as a passion-fruit tart, a lemon custard tart and a peanut butter cream cake.

i was attempting to snap all the names so we could at least know what we're eating but i didn't wanna hold up the queue.

crowded store!

after buying the pastries, we set off to find a cafe to sit down and eat like civilized people.

we found one next to the Balmain Markets with an upstairs courtyard cafe (i love courtyard cafes!)

it looks a bit Greek to me somehow, with the colorful walls, cutout windows, long wooden tables and rough benches.

Grace was especially charmed by it. *^-^*

after ordering our beverages, we settled down to sample the food--

stolen from Eunice

because i have eaten a lot of good food during the past week, i merely section them into 'will recommend to friends' and 'will not recommend to friends' (so far haven't encountered any 'will recommend to enemies')

so if you come visit, i'll have to say the salted butter popcorn macaroon is bombastic. all the other macaroons just faded into a big sweet blur but this really stood out! best macaroon of my life!

i loved the sharp tang of the tarts as well, but if you only have room in your stomach for one the passion-fruit wins hands down.

gosh there are so many world class eats here! so need to get my hands on some scales so i can monitor my weight! but having loads of fun!

happy 七夕 ^o^

ps. in case you're wondering, the girls were shocked by the size (or lack thereof) of Balmain Markets but we found the food hall in the old church very quaint.

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