Sunday, 14 August 2011


butter, cheese, honey

yesterday had a fabulous day out with the gorgeous Ka Wei and Silvia.

hopefully Ka Wei will post our photo on Fb and tag me so y'all can see how pretty my friends are (yep and i'm beautiful by association as well lalala)

and Silvia is now keen to marry a Malaysian 'so her baby will be multilingual'! haha see we're doing Malaysia proud!

kicked off with lunch at Curious Cafe, which we found on Two Thousand. (app-obsession again)

sampled their affogato but Campos Coffee's is better.

campos coffee affogato, a$5.50

it's the BEST!! i really wish i could bring it back for the people i love!

mini breakfast set with chili baked beans, curious cafe

see the tiny 1/2 of a cherry tomato?

on the description it reads '... 1/2 tomato'. puh-leez! i feel so cheated though am not much of a tomato person!

the reviews are good on Urbanspoon and co., but the food wasn't so delicious that i wanted to DIE or anything. i like the rather dim and old-fashioned decor though. i didn't even mind the bit of dust. wooden flooring, mismatched furniture, posters all over the walls.. this is the type of interior i love.

lone puff cloud by eugene tan (NOT my cousin), aquabumps gallery

because Silvia likes photography, i suggested Aquabumps, a gallery selling prints of mostly Bondi by Eugene Tan.

Lone Puff Cloud is my fave of all the shots in the little gallery because i'd always loved skies. some people like the sea, some prefer mountains.. but for me it has always been the sky.   

and apparently all the photos are only tweaked minimally, so now i REALLY wanna go see a Bondi sunrise. thanks to Ka Wei's descriptions i also REALLY wanna go to Perhentian =.= looks like i REALLY wanna do a lot of non-study related things.

sometimes just going out to look at pretty things gives me as much pleasure as shopping, if not more :)

tutti frutti waffle with chocolate lick, max brenner

after our little spin in Aquabumps we went shopping at Westfield Bondi and then had dinner at Max Brenner (yep, we're girls, we have dessert as dinner).

crepe, max brenner

between taking snaps of the waffle and the crepe, the staff dimmed the lights =.=

but everything was absolutely yummy, even better than i remembered.

Silvia and i had planned to return home before dark as it was the first day of the Ghost Festival but then because we're girls we spent forever in Woolworths selecting snacks and groceries haha. (yes we even used Paul the Octopus app to decide between the Most Sublime Yogurt on Earth or the Most Scrumptious Ice Cream Ever)

however it didn't matter in the end as Ka Wei's boyfriend dropped us off in his car with awesome windows.


you know sometimes when you go somewhere and you just feel comfortable? or you meet someone and just click? that feeling is how Sydney makes me feel-- made me feel 2 years ago when i first visited.

sometimes when i'm just doing simple stuff like going to the kitchen to refill my water bottle or learning new things in class i feel so alive and lucky (nope am not on drugs, sugar or caffeine).

then i'll fret that being so happy will infuriate the gods (ish, right? but i can't help myself) but am counting and appreciating every (expensive) blessing i have, thanks parents and God.

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