Friday, 5 August 2011

convo with the parents

as everybody knows, yesterday was mum's birthday.

so i called her last night to wish her a, well, happy birthday.

she sounded (surprisingly) pleased to hear from me and was quite chatty instead of her usual 'okay, bye, bills are expensive!' self.

here are snippets which are kinda funny--

'happy birthday ma'

'oh! thank you! how are you? used to there yet?'

'yes! it's been a sunny week!'

'so how is it over there? how's school?'

'okay. people speak up a LOT in class! 99.99% of my classmates are chinese!'

'make lots of friends, min.'


'and.. min?'

'yes, ma?'

'get a boyfriend.' 

... faints...

'do you wanna speak to dad?'



'hi, dad!'

'haha, how is it over there? have you started eating Aussie beef yet?'

'not yet.'

'are you sure? (sighs) you must have gotten fat!'

... faints... again.

can somebody help me assure my parents that i have not ballooned hideously (yet, anyway. i'll get there in good time).

*dressing room mirror effect + 美图秀秀)* but still not as bad as my parents anticipate lah.

proof proof

aiyo not very clear

ok some more

hmm this one got a bit ugly.. maybe parents can 'hear' my weight through the phone?

walau eh who is this?!!

i don't even recognize myself!

do i look like this, seriously?!

no wonder people give me weird looks all the time!

ok the photos keep getting uglier (fann says it's unethical to untag ugly photos of facebook, so i try not to upload only nice photos-- also, very few hot photos to upload)

very demotivated already.

just tell parents am slightly less puke-inducing than last time. *^-^*

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