Wednesday, 3 August 2011


 i am turning into my mother. didn't even notice until eunice shot me at fort scratchley at newcastle. i did the usual qc and gasped, ''ohmigosh! this isn't me! it's my mother!!!!!!!!!!''

so to my future husband-- take heed!! i shall shop like crazy and never cook. but i shall still need 2 fridges for a family of 5 and more as our kids leave for college. as i age, i will also want to drive a luxury car which allows me to watch k dramas while you drive. i never EVER drive-- you have to fetch me on my shopping expeditions. 

gosh it seems like a fun existence. and i love my future husband already. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ODDBALL MUM!!!

i love you even if you're weird. even if you made me somewhat abnormal too. (readers OS: whaddaya mean 'somewhat'?! you're 10 000% weird!!!!)

wow am i on drugs? post photos that didn't pass the qc-test and revealing my shopaholic tendencies here when i am still single (and people are starting to say that i should be less picky).. bad marketing strategy!

but honestly am not picky! 99% of people attribute my single status to me having watched too many k-dramas (the other 1% is my mum and brother and they know it's 'cause i'm fat).

i'm not solo just to deliberately freak some people out. it's just that--
1. no nice boys ask me out
2. no nice boys for me to ask out

the last time i had a crush was back when i was.. 19? 

since then i have become sterile 

all the eligible bachelors have been kidnapped by decpticons 

i have watched a few heartbreaking dramas

aiyo this is fate, i am looking (looked so hard at a Peter Ho lookalike i nearly tripped and fell to my death from a flight of stairs. treacherous sydney railway station steps! i stumble on them like 25% of the time!)

ok seriously i need to get some sleep so i can wake up early to prepare for my tutorial tomorrow!

disclaimer* to her credit my mum used to work her ass off. plus she made dad bring us on numerous road trips when we were kids-- so we saw more of Malaysia than our peers. and she played english grammar card games with us. trained us to eat steamed vegetables. didn't want anybody thinking my mum had it easy all the while!

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