Monday, 8 August 2011

july in sydney 2

mushroom chocolate!

so adorable kan?

the older i get, the more i dig girly stuff =.=

happy! happy!

probably so delighted because it's not easy to find dinner here at 10pm on a week-night!

we finally found a humble little thai place.

there was a really pretty thai waitress inside (i knew she was thai because she was speaking it)

'gosh, she's gorgeous!' i'd exclaimed in chinese.

then i proceeded to continue talking about how hot thai people are (now that i think back i just wanna knock myself out cold with a punch).

only at the end of our meal did i know she could speak chinese too!!

thank goodness i was complimenting her!



after losing my way once (and somehow ending up at the railway station near my home) on my quest for atas sandwiches and tarts, i found John and Peter Canteen the second time around!

it is actually in an art gallery named Carriageworks, which was why i missed it. i mean, there is a railway station nearby, can i be blamed for assuming Carriageworks meant, well, carriage works?

monsieur croque

the line was short as i went at a time when everybody except lazy postgraduate students me had to be at work.

and it is actually the Best Sandwich i'd ever had in my life.

it's not fancy or cute, just a basic toasted ham-and-cheese sandwich, but the fillings tasted so.. good. plus it had just a whisper of mustard and some herbs which just went amazingly well together. (i usually detest mustard but this time is a fantastic exception.)

ah~ all my money is spent on food! but i can't recreate those food at home :( i just botched a simple sweet pumpkin soup dessert with sago and milk. added not enough sugar and too much sago and over cooked the pumpkins. 

now i have a pudding on my hands--

it tastes alright but the consistency is way off and it's screaming out for more sugar!

i am no cook. sigh.

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